Best Hair Extensions For Swimming

Can You Swim With Clip In Hair Extensions or Hair Weave?

wethairweaveThis is a very common question among ladies who are swimming enthusiasts. The simple answer is yes, you can swim with hair weaves. However, you have to understand the kind of hair weave to go for.

In this article, we shall have an overview of the best hair extensions for swimming, and also the good and bad of swimming in hair extensions.

If you should decide to wear your hair weave during your swimming sessions, be sure to choose virgin hair.

Why virgin hair? Virgin hair is closely similar to your natural hair. That means it will react to getting wet in a way that you are already familiar with and will know how to work with.

The listing below outlines a few choices that are pure virgin human hair.

  • The Peruvian virgin hair
  • Eurasian virgin hair
  • Indian virgin hair
  • Malaysian virgin hair
  • Burmese virgin hair
  • Brazilian virgin hair

All these hair weave brands are like natural hair and are best for swimming because manufacturers often do not process virgin hair.


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However, it is essential to be careful when swimming in hair extensions. Remember that swimming water contains chlorine and other chemicals and elements such as salt. When they come into contact with your weave’s glue, these elements can cause the glue to break down.

This breaking down means that the glue will accumulate on your wig. This build-up will cause your wig to loosen, and it is also not healthy for your natural hair. That is why I would not suggest you go swimming with a simple glued in hair style that is easy to come loose.

Tape-in extensions are another option when you wish to swim in hair extensions. Tape-in extensions are hard to come out when you are swimming in them-it’d be embarrassing to go into the water with hair and come out holding that hair. They have a super-strong bond that will hold up. However, this super-strong bond is only true to hold up when you have applied it properly.

However, if you decide to go swimming in your hair extensions, you can do something to maintain them. You can either braid your hair up or wear a swimming cap while swimming in it to keep as much water from your hair. This means less risk of damage to your hair.

What seems to work best is the Crochet hair braiding  method.  This is different than glue or taping in your hair weave extension because the hair used is loose and not on a weft. Then, instead of being sewn in, crochet hair is kind of looped under the cornrows with a crochet needle and secured with strong knots. This makes the hair very secure for swimming or other outdoor activities.

Best wet and wavy hair for swimming?

If you’re simply looking for that wet and wavy hair style, without getting your hair wet, then of course that specific style of hair extension is available both in synthetic bundles and virgin hair weave. Brazilian virgin hair is a very popular choice. I’m including a banner below that you can click to take you over to Amazon to see their large selection for yourself.

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Pros of swimming with hair extensions.

You maintain that amazing beach look without struggling.

Cons that come along with swimming with hair extensions.

Swimming with hair extensions or weaves will raise the maintenance cost to keep your hair looking beautiful. When you go swimming in your hair weave, it will not be the same as to when you have not swum with it. Swimming in them makes them a bit worn.  Again, drying the hair extension after swimming will require at least as much effort as with your own hair as you will be dealing with real hair attached to your own.



Can You Swim With Hair Extensions? – Video Information


Hey YouTubers! It’s ya girl Lia back again with another video.

Today’s video if you cannot tell from the title is a video about why I’m so passionate about crochet hair over sew-ins. Now this is going to be a quick impromptu video cause I get a lot of questions about people wondering why I prefer crochet hair over sew-ins for beachwear, cruise wear, vacation wear and all that.

So this video is going to be very quickly telling you why me in my experiences with swimming with sew ins versus me swimming with crochet hair. How I see the benefits of the crochet hair over the sew-ins. Now first let me address the little elephant in the room. I was in a car accident recently so I’m okay everything is okay with me body function wise but I do have some bruising and I do have some scars on my body.

So if you guys see that. I didn’t want to not. You guys are part of my family and my YouTube family is very important to me. And so I still wanted to film because it keeps my mind off of it. It was kind of traumatic for me and I did kind of get a little bit of anxiety surrounding it but I still wanted to come on here and film for you guys to distract me.

You guys know I use YouTube as my outlet and talking to you guys and talking through things with you guys really helps me out. So yes just ignore this right now I don’t also want to conceal or put makeup over this because it is very fresh. So I do want these things to heal and I’m just going to wear these like a badge of you know I’m still here type of a thing.

But yes so just addressing this really quickly before I get questions about girl what happened. So now why I prefer crochet hair over sew-ins. If you guys have been following me from the beginning I would have never known about crochet hair. Never even thought to take a look at it if it were not for a beach trip I took the last year. Before I had my channel.

This was like June. Early June or mid June I went to the beach with my friends. We all went. My good college friends. I was a sew-in Queen at this time. Like I would use my Peruvian body wave hair and go everywhere with my Peruvian body wave.

That was it. I would have sew-in for upwards of you know seven eight months out of the year and thought nothing of it. Because it was like you know it’s a sew-in. It looks beautiful. I love my hair. I liked my straight long hair because I am protecting my real hair being braided up. I just thought this was what it was. This is everything. I would do partial sew-in too. I didn’t.

I’ve never been a fan of like full closure types sew-ins or anything like that. I really liked the partial. So some of my hair being left out in the parting space area and in the back so I can pull it up and stuff like that. So I’ve been very much so a fan of that. And so we went to the beach.

I was like yes honey. And then we were all in the pool and I was like yeah I can get in the pool. I’m going to look fabulous. I’m going to look amazing, I got in that pool and it was over for my hair. I don’t know why what made me think I was going to last the rest of trip stepping in a pool. Because yea I went up to the room and I used the hair blow dryer that they have in the room and I washed my hair and I thought I was gonna be stunting.



I’m gonna insert a picture of me standing beside my best friend who had crochet hair in at the time. I had a sew-in in. She had crochet hair in. She had the crochet FreeTress bohemian braid hair in. She went swimming too. Probably more active than I was in the pool cause she’s a better swimmer than I am. So she was swimming. I was swimming. All of that. One our hair still looks on point. And one of our hairs look tragic.

Can you guess whose hair is tragic? I didn’t even want to take the picture. I was done with photography after that. But they were like let’s get a group shot I was like okay . But my hair has been ruined for the remainder of the trip. There was no coming back from it. And if I had I would’ve needed like   hours to come and get a whole look together.

We went back to the room and we were like okay we’re going to get ready we’re gonna get dressed and then we’re going to go to Broadway at the beach. We were at Myrtle Beach, And I was like okay but I’m gonna need like hours to get it. They were like no you only got like. We only got minutes times span. We got to get things together. So I only had a few minutes to go from stepping out with the sew-in in and my hair soaking wet to washing

Blow drying it. Trying to Flatiron it as fast as I could. And that’s one of the things that really made me say okay well Sasha was in the bathroom for five minutes. She went like. She rinsed her hair off. Fluffed it up. And was out the door. So why do I need a five hour routine when I’m at the beach. It’s about having fun when you’re on a vacation. You don’t want to worry about your hair.

That’s the last thing you want to worry about. You want to have at least the least amount of time worrying about your hair than anything. And I was more concerned with my hair. I didn’t take any more pictures. So having a sew-in really ruined my beach trip. And having crochet hair in for my best friend was easy peasy for her. Was no sweat off her back.

She could role on and do what she needs to do. And that’s why I feel like crochet hair is much better option for swimming than sew-ins are. You can easily easily make the transition from pool to whatever you have to do next in a matter of minutes. Where as is the sew-in. I don’t know if you guys use a curly-er sew-in . If you use a lace closure sew-in.

Then maybe maybe. I can only speak to somebody who has a partial and loves partial sew- ins. But for me. Sew-in just was not hitting it for me. And especially when I went on my cruise. How my crochet hair came in handy for my cruise and that’s what happened. I went to the beach maybe a month before I went on my cruise. And I saw my friend and I was like okay so what hair do you have in. Okay so you have crochet hair in. Okay so that’s what I need for my cruise.

And so I got my hair for my cruise and the thing about it why I really recommend crochet hair for cruises. Is because when you’re on a cruise and you do your excursions or you have your days as your port day. So whenever you go. For us we went to Nassau Bahamas and Freeport Bahamas. We when we get off that ship we’re off the ship for maybe eight you know six to eight hours. And we’re in of course beach town. So I’m going to of course want to swim.

I want to be near water. But say you step off that boat you get in water at    a.m.. You’re not going to see your room again until maybe you know    p.m. p.m. at night. So you’re going to. You have a long window of time for your hair to be a hot mess if you don’t get crochet hair. That’s what I. The way I look at it. So when I went to Nassau we went to Atlantis. I was in the pool. You guys saw my photo of that I’ll insert it again.

I was in the pool doing all this active wear stuff. Which I feel like if I had some kind of like straight sew-in style wouldn’t have looked as good. Now I was able to get out the pool and still live my life in Atlantis. Ride the slide to do everything that they have there at Atlantis and then get back on the ship and be like okay so we’re ready for dinner.



Instead of having to get back on the ship and doing all this maintenance to a hair. Of course when I got back to the ship of course I rinsed the hair off and all that. When you’re on vacation you’re on vacation. It’s about relaxation. It’s about taking time for yourself and all that. The last thing you need to worry about is your hair.

Crochet hair for me like I say and like I suggest to all of you guys. It is worth it a hundred percent for trips. It’s like I. You guys can tell I’ve had an experience with water with a sew-in with straight hair. Doing my straight hair thing. And I’ve had experience with my crochet hair and doing my crochet hair thing.

I enjoyed the crochet hair trip a lot more because I had a lot less worries about my hair. I could do everything I wanted and didn’t impede on me taking pictures after the fact. I still went through the rest of the trip. My pictures still turned out phenomenally. My was the same as it was when I stepped in the water as I when I got out of the water. Clearly that it was not the case with the sew-in.

Hair was on a different level. Never took a picture again other than the group shot that everybody wanted. Because why wouldn’t everybody else want it. Their hairs were still on point. It was only my hair that looked a hot tragic mess. So yeah I think that was the turning point for me.

And what really pretty much launched my channel pretty much. I think you know having a phenomenal crochet hair that lasted and did some amazing things really put me on point like okay this crochet hair thing is A  . This crochet hair thing is legit. Let me let me see what this crochet hair game is about. So yeah that was my mini story time.



My mini rant. I like answering you guys’s questions. Why I’m so crazily passionate about crochet hair.l It’s because I had a crappy sew-in hair experience at a beach. And I said never again and that’s pretty much it. If you guys have any questions. If you guys still love sew-ins tell me what sew-in you guys wear to the beach.

Hair you guys use if you use sew ins and go to the beach and how your hair looks. Cause I’m coming from a place where I love my straight Peruvian body wave was my sew-in hair of choice. That was it. I love Peruvian body wave. Couldn’t get me to try any other hair.

I wasn’t so much into those Malaysian kind of really curly styles. I wasn’t into those type looks. I was really into my straight hair and clearly that was an epic fail for beachwear.



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