The Best Hair For Box Braids With Loose Ends – Your Perfect Style?

The Best Hair For Box Braids With Loose Ends
Will Make You Look Great With Curly Ends

It’s true that many young ladies look fantastic with box braids with loose curly ends. Still, there is a right and a wrong way to work with human hair weave to make your hairstyle look great.

Box braids are a brilliant type of twists that involves the use of hair extensions. They are quite popular with the African American community, as well as many other women.

While some braids may take some hours to install, it is one of the most durable of human hair weaves. So if you don’t yet have hairstylist, it is the right time to find one near you that specializes in the Box braids.

Read on to learn how and why you should consider best hair box braids with loose ends as your next hairstyle. Here are the top best brands for you:

Before we get  into the exciting details on how to make sure your box braids look terrific,  the one thing you will need without question will be a reliable online outlet to get your hair supplies.

I suggest Amazon because with the suppliers from all over the world stocking their inventory with Amazon you can easily find the exact type, style, color and brand of human hair you need… Now let’s show you how to get that great hairstyle.

Goddess Box Braids

box braids goddes

The Goddess Box Crochet braids are 100 percent handmade weave. They are among the best braids with loose ends you can buy from local and online stores. They are smooth, well compact, giving hairdresser a quicker and easy to install. These braids are designed with Synthetic Kanekalon hair fiber and come in six-pack/lots.

The 24 inches long braids can be worn typically for up to 5-6 weeks before considering doing a re-touch. If you are looking for a tight braid that gives you a very natural look by erasing all sorts of roughness associated with braids, then Goddess Box is the real deal. It gives you a softer as well as more attractive look to stand out in the crowd.

Sonnet Jumbo Braids

box braids jumbo

Sonnet braids are box hair extensions, which come in three bundles of Kanekalon Synthetic hair. While these braids feature the stylist of the Dreadlock look, it is still perfect for hair decorations. They come in marvelous combined colors like Black, Gray, and Cyan.

The key features of this Synthetic hair include easy to twist, no shading, no-smell, no-tangle, no shedding, crochet, soft, and box braid. These hairstyles are comfortable to wear, last long, and reusable.

Medium Box Braids Hair (7 Pack 18 inches)

box braids medium

The Crochet Hair Extension is designed with 100 percent Kanekalon synthetic hair. Thus, they are perfect for Jumbo Braiding. The medium size box braids are 18 inches long and come in 20 packs/strands.

If you are looking for a unique hairstyle design for a special occasion, there no doubt this box braid hair will pull off outstanding pretty and soft look you want.

Coming up you will discover that this look go great with almost all faces, but there is one face shape that these long locks go very well with.


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The shape of your face goes a long way in choosing which hairstyle to wear. A good beautician starts with the shape of your face and that “shapes” their ideas on how to proceed finding you a new look.

Here are some great details on what looks go with certain face shapes:

  • Round Faces – Ladies with a round face look  most beautiful with long hair that makes their face stand out.
    If you like medium-length hair, keep the length just below your jawline, which will elongate the roundness
  • Oval Faces – We recommend styling your mid length hair styles. This face shape works with almost any
    type of short hair cut from super short, to chin length or shoulder length.
  • Square Faces – Shoulder length hair cut with some side fringes work very well for you.  If you wear your
    hair long, ask your stylist to cut layers into the ends for an airy effect.
  • Diamond Shaped Faces – For you, almost any hairstyle that includes a part down the middle.
  • Heart Shaped Faces – Literally your face is designed perfectly to rock pixie hairstyles. Consider going with
    hairstyles that are fuller at the bottom. Lobs are a great style option, especially if you curl or wave the
    mid-lengths and ends to create volume.




Hair Extensions – Video Bonus Information



Hey, I wanted to do some braids in my hair, my friend was supposed to do my braids, but she came because, like she had subsidy, so I was just going to do some braids and I was thinking like you know. I might as well record it because I always wanted to let others know just to show people how I do my hair in myself right now like the way I got it set up.

I have a mirror right here? Let me show you so I have that mirror right there and then. Well, that’s like the first thing that I want to know like tell you. I usually don’t use a mirror like if I was doing my hair aside from this video right now. I wouldn’t use a miracle life since I want you to know like it to be coming up and get this right. But since I wanted to be, you know kind of good-looking in the back, I usually don’t care about how the back looks like you just like where you thought this, but then sometime this video.

They don’t set it up for the two mirrors, which I don’t usually use and the thing I use is Kanekalon hair from the beauty supplies. Well, this is a super simple braid and I usually don’t need some guy using it like the smaller one. Two three, four. Five things you can use that it’s just like those packs, don’t have a lot of hearing, so I will end up having to use more hair, so I bought eight of these back. These super jumbo ones and they’re like three dollars and I know where you go they sold for like two four five, I think Boyd it was $ 2.99 the place I went.

I have this cream of nature edge, true and I’m usually used to like when I’m doing other people’s hair and I’m doing mine, like my edges, when I put it up, this is the eggshell, I’m focusing on another one that I’ve bought is to be eating. Body work – and this is what it looks like y’all – could get this if y’all don’t want to hear like this fight, the videos just want to see how my hair y’all just give all of this, and the other thing that I bought is this.

This is the Shea Moisture Cola and koopa butter, braid up conditioning gel, and I picked this out because on the bottle, if you know life specifically for clothes, box, braids, weaves and extensions, basically any protective style. So that’s what this is for, but that’s why I bought it and it also has carrot people on it and I’ve read on the side I had so overall bukuvu butter and carrot seed oil. I got home. I got this big home right here and you also need scissors and stuff to section your hair off, because of course it’s as hard as doing your own hair.

So you need to love to make sections and all sizes got these right here. I also have some Castor oil. You could put this in your hair if you want to I’ll put this in my hair and last night, so he didn’t see it. I got my shears right here. I think that’s about it. So, let’s get into the video.

This is kind of for the people that learn by just looking, but if you want like an in-depth like where I explain, though, like if you can’t, you know like it is shown that even if you really got to be late, then I guess I’ll make another video In the like, I, like other I’m talking this stuff like I rather just show, you know, I’m gonna use be rubber band. I got some like those bands right here and the room stands right there, so you can see how I do it’s really easy. I just like to acquire Gothic with the rubber band over.

It makes my hair like it makes a break tighter and it makes it last longer because I’m doing my hair by myself so like sometimes in the back in the middle, the brace will be at high, and I want it tight, hey guys so right here. I’m just sectioning off the first row of my hair, as you can see, I’m using the mirror to kind of get a guide on it, and I know that the line that I parted it we come out as straight, but you get an idea so right here. I’M parting off the first part of my hair. Now I’m applying the braiding moisturizer and then I’m applying some edge control and now I’m wrapping the rubber band around my hair.

I would say doing the back of my hair – is pretty easy. The first rows are pretty easy, just hard off and section – and you know, put the rubber bands on and just everything’s easier. But as you move up to the middle of here, it gets really hard:  now that’s fun and I’m just sectioning off my hair. The front is probably the easiest part for the floors and everything better, and I also cover the pants on my edges.

Right now, I’m wearing my education, fresh here I’m starting to do the braid chocolates and moisturize my hair. Before celebrating it just to make my hair [Music] lay gradable, then I’m guessing with my hair and we’re here, I’m just laying for February that ends up here and then I kind of push the hair around. It’s kind of weird how I attached it. I can’t explain how I do it. I would have to make a little video of closest power to them:  and now I’m just bringing the hair down, and it’s pretty easy, like I said, to do – to help braids in the back and the ones on this side. It is really hard to do it in the middle in the furnace.

I would say it was kind of harder for me to do this, a bunch of my hair, because the hair in the front is shorted, because I used to get a lot of songs and that kind of damaged my hair. So I just cut all the fishing damage off so now everything is really short compared to the rest of my hair. So they did make it really hard to kind of grip the hair, especially because I had a little band of it so that made other kinds of shorter. You don’t have to put the rubber bands in front of your hair if you don’t want to, because I know that it causes a lot of tension like the front of my hair.


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