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If you’re looking for the best inexpensive weave for sew in hairstyles then you have to start with Brazilian hair!

There are other brands and textures but Brazilian hair for weaves and hair extensions are by far the most popular right now! There are more than one reason Brazilian virgin hair is so popular and you are about to find out why.

The big reason is how beautiful this thick rich hair looks. Another is that it is natural hair which translate into being long lasting and because it can last as much as 4 times longer than synthetic hair, this higher grade hair actually comes out to be much cheaper in the big picture. Another big plus is that Brazilian virgin hair can be styled in an untold number of ways.

But, do you know the most popular hairstyles using Brazilian human hair weave and/or hair extensions? In this article we cover the top styles available right now. It might surprise you how many great hairstyles you can claim as your own, so let’s get into the styles!

Beautiful hair always makes a woman feel vibrant and gorgeous. It represents her personality, character, and style. Many women are looking to buy hair extensions nowadays to enhance their look and appeal.

The best type of hair for sew in weave even for for braiding hairstyles – Brazilian hair extensions are obviously one of the best choices available on the market. Again, because these extensions are made using human hair and provide a natural look and you are able to care for your hair as you would you’re own.


Here Are The Top 3 Brazilian Styles Available On The Market Today


Brazilian Curly Human Hair Extension Style – Available On Amazon

Brazilian Curly Human Hair Extensions are made using 100% Human Hair. Offering natural beauty, they are extremely healthy and also come untreated.

You can style or color them in any way you prefer even after it has been applied. With these types of extensions, you don’t have to worry about tangles.

You can find these Brazilian hair braid style extensions naturally glowing, durable, and thick. The natural smoothness, as well as durability, is highly admirable.

There are many  — great options from kinky curly hair to keep your curly hair healthy and happy. Their mild ingredients contain no harmful additives or chemicals, so you can get hair care that won’t break the curls, you can get hair care that won’t wreck your curls, cause buildup, or encourage frizz. Choose from a few different curly hair friendly options from kinky curly hair and turn your hair into the best curl in your life! This style takes your beauty to a new level and improves confidence unbelievably.


Brazilian Body Wave with Lace Closure Extension Style – Available At Amazon

Brazilian Body Wave with Lace Closure Extension is one of the top 3 Brazilian braid styles available nowadays. The shape and the poly-trope make these types of products extremely popular.

This type of hair can come in a variety of natural colors and is highly resistant to the sun’s rays which is known to cause damage to hair when it is over exposed to extreme sunlight. With a mid to low luster this hair is durable and will hold its natural wavy pattern for long periods of time.

The big, relaxed S’ style enhances your appearance tremendously. The bigger curls, natural luster, and delicate look blend harmoniously to transform your look.

Providing a long life span of more than one year, Brazilian Body Wave with Lace Closure style can be reworked to any hairstyle and color without changing the pattern.


Brazilian Straight Virgin Hair Style – Available At Amazon

If you are looking for a straight, silky, and shiny hairstyle that flatters any face type, you can choose Brazilian Straight Virgin Hairstyle extensions. These smooth, free-flowing hair extensions easily turn many heads.

The consistent natural thickness makes them perfectly compatible with the short and long hairstyles. Brazilian Straight Hair has a very coarse and thick texture.  The hair takes well to heat and styling and is durable in humidity when properly cared for.

This type of hair is great for making both lace wigs and sew ins.  It is  generally very dark but may have hints of brown as well. You can dry these hair extensions safely and color them easily to achieve a customized look. The maintenance of this hairstyle extension stays at minimal levels.

High quality, 100% unprocessed virgin human hair is used to make these top 3 Brazilian braid styles. One of the most important benefits of  Brazilian hair extensions is that they are unbleached and styles like your own natural hair. Other prominent advantages include double machine weft, lasting silky look, and high softness.

You don’t need to worry about shedding or tangles when you use top-quality Brazilian hair braids extensions. These products can also be straightened based on your needs. Because again this style is based on virgin hair the longevity of this hairstyle extension product is between 12 and 24 months depending on the quality of care. The bottom line is that if you wash and care for it like you would you’re own hair it will last you a long time.

Synthetic Hair Extension Is Not Recommended

Synthetic hair extensions are not the first recommended as they obviously look artificial. They also cannot be styled and look more like you have plastic stuck on your head. If you want to have fun by wearing wacky colored extensions like pink and blue that’s fine. But if you are looking to genuinely add length or thickness to your hair, then it’s best to go in only for Brazilian human hair weave.

Nearly everyone prefers Brazilian human hair weave as it is natural and blends well with your own natural hair. Human hair comes in different textures and grades. The quality of the hair used to make these extensions is of utmost importance. The appearance of your extension and the longevity all depend on the quality of human hair used in them.

If it is in a lower grade then it could become dry and tangle easily, which could make the whole process a nightmare. So the hair used in these extensions must be strong and healthy hair so that it will reflect on the beauty of your Brazilian human hair weave.

Now that we’ve got you up to date on the most popular Brazilian hairstyles that I know got you excited about creating a brand new look of your own. Let me now show you where to get  a wide variety of hair weave bundles and extensions – with all of the supplies you’ll need to ensure your hair comes out perfect.

Likely Amazon is not a new online outlet and the truth is that Amazon has one of the largest selection of hair weave and accessories available online, but almost no one thinks of shopping there first for hair care needs. If you haven’t checked out what they have to offer, click this Amazon link here to take a look at all the Brazilian hair selections they actually have available.


Excellent Video On Best Hair For Sew In Weave


So the most important factor in having a good sew in it’s a type of hair you get. It’s the determining factor in the way of your looks, behaves and blanks. All hair was definitely not created equal, so this is very important.

The main things to avoid include here that is too shiny and won’t match your hair, hair that tangle too much, and hair that sheds or falls out too much. If you’re started looking into buying hair you will realize that there are literally thousands of here companies to choose from, and it can be a little overwhelming. So in this video I’ll try to simplify the process of buying good hair for sewing weave.

All hair can be divided into two categories: beauty supply store hair and unprocessed hair. Beauty supply store hair is processed and it’s the hair that you can find at your local beauty supply store, while unprocessed hair they call virgin here is bought online.



You can also buy beauty supply store hair on online retailers websites. You really want to stay away from beauty supply store hair, because you do get much more value from buying unprocessed hair online.

However, if you aren’t necessarily wanting to commit to leave hair weave in for a long period of time – and you just want to see if it’s something you like or just to wear it for a special event I would advise you to buy either online from a fast delivery outlet such as Amazon or from the local beauty supply store.

Within the beauty supply store, there are different levels of hair quality. There is the cheap, the intermediate and the pricey. If you’re, just buying hair for a special event or short term, this is where I would advise you to buy from the lowest cheapest level.

Good hair in this range is anything by Milky Way, it’s good for short term wear and it looks good right when you install it, you won’t have any problems with it for like, say one or two weeks, but after that, it’s a mess. I would advise you not to keep it in for longer than two or three weeks, but you can keep it in as long as you want, but you will begin to have problems with it.



For two packs in this length, which is 16 and 18 inches, Milky Way will run about $50 and up. Depending on the type of Milky Way you get, because there are many brands and you just buy based on your budget, but price does go up with length.

So, if you want to spend less just buy shorter hair, for something more long-term you still want to stick to the beauty supply store because you’re afraid to buy it online and just don’t like taking that sort of risk.

A good intermediate beauty supply store brand of hair is Goddess Sensational Remy, which will run you about 150 dollars for this length.

A good beauty supply store brand of hair at the highest range is Bobby Boss hair, which will run you about $ 200 for two packs of this length.

All of these hair brands look nice and can be heat styled nicely. What makes each of these different levels of hair different is how frequently they tangle and shed, and how soon after you installed the hair that you start to notice these problems. They will all start to give you problems eventually.



I’ve used all of these hair brands and when I spend a lot of money, on my hair, I try to get the most out of it. So I’ve worn all of these for a long time, with the exception of the Milky Way hair, which I wore for three weeks, knowing that it was not a long-term type of hair.

I have worn the Goddesses Sensational hair for about six months and it was really good hair too throughout the entire time that I used it. I would say, though, after about one to two months, I did start having problems with tangling. I found that I would have to carry a brush around with me and comb at least every three hours, because if I didn’t, I would have a huge bird’s nest.

I kept the Bobby Boss hair for about 10 months so it lasted longer, and it also was very nice hair.  It did tangle and it would form a bird’s nest on me, but I only had to brush it, maybe three or four times a day, but I did not tangle as badly and as frequently as the Goddess hair.

So quality, oh, definitely does go up with price, and these were not continuous use of course. I did take out and reinstall the hair many times without within those periods but anyways. Knowing what I know now, I would not have even bothered with the more expensive local beauty supply store here whenever I knew that I wanted long term hair because the best place to get long term here is online.



Online is where you will find unprocessed hair, and I’m not talking about that online beauty supply store here like Sam, is feeding all of that. I’m talking about the place that sells just pure virgin unprocessed hair. Where I like to get my hair, and through my experience I found the best to be from AliExpress or Amazon and there are many different vendors on both platforms.

I love this hair because it’s good quality and it’s reasonable price for about this length. I would say it would cost you around one hundred and fifty dollars. So it’s still cheaper than even the most expensive you would get from a local supply store here. But it’s much better quality than hair like Bobby Boss.

You never have to walk around with a comb and worry about it because what I’ve noticed. What makes rich and unprocessed hair different from the hair that you find at the beauty supply store is that whenever it tangles it tangles like regular hair. And what I mean by that is that it doesn’t form a huge ball on your neck. You can’t see the tangle, you can only feel it when you run your fingers through it.

The thing about it, especially my Ally hair product is it literally last me forever. The only time I have to buy new hair is if I want something longer, if I cut it up or dyed it or just just want something new. As long as I take good care of it, it will last you as long as you want it to last you, so you save money.

You maybe have to spend like two or three times as much for quality virgin hair compared to Milky Way, but it’s lasting you ten times or even more as long so you save money.

That being said, I now only buy here from online retailers who sell virgin hair, like Amazon where you will find the cheapest, and the best vendors.  Like I said, if you’re just buying hair for special event and aren’t planning on wearing it for a long time or if you just want to try it out,  I would advise you to get any Milk Way hair product. It’s cheap. It looks nice, it’ll last you for the two weeks that you’ll need it and that’s it.

If you’re looking for long-term hair that you will use for a longer time – and you know that it is something that you want to do. I would advise you to just skip the process of all of that, don’t buy hair like Goddess and Bobby Boss hair, and go straight to higher grade virgin hair that will last you a long time and that is affordable and good quality. I hope that helped.




Information Packed Brazilian Hair Review

Hey, guys welcome back to my channel today, it’s a hair day with you.

Believe it or not, but this hair is two and a half months old. Those who follow me on Snapchat. You saw this hair since the first day I installed it and I wear it every single day and it looks freaking brand new.

So what I have on my head is four bundles, 18, 20, 22 and 24 inches and 16 inch closures, plus it’s a three-part closure, which means you can part it on the middle and on both sides. The hair does not tangle at all. So no shedding is 100 % Brazilian virgin hair.

You can dye it bleach it perm it, and the curl pattern indeed lasts a week. I die this hand shed like you know, because it’s virgin hair it comes naturally. I like – I love my hair real, like each bundle is about 100 grams and the closure is like 25 to 45 grams, 120 % density.

Now, I’m going to show you the hair the first day I got it and in its natural state.Yesterday, after I washed it, the hair doesn’t shed like I’m running my fingers, no strand, not even one like bro, not

I have one strand there, none, and this is the last bundle I have one strand, also so over four bundles on the closure. I just had two strands of hair of shedding hair. So that’s not a lot like this silly girl.

Look, the bomb calm, it doesn’t tangle, doesn’t shed it’s so gorgeous. So gorgeous look at the closure. It is a three-part closure, so the first part of the meal hook. I can cut it in the middle part and another side, part bomb yep. That’s the hair, more gorgeous hair.

Yes, yes to the gorgeous hair thick bundles! Yes, yes to the hair, okay, I’m gonna show you both way now this is the hair straighten with a side part okay. So this is the hair straightened and um a kind of side part.

As you can see, it’s straighten very very well and what I use is the Schwartz curve and get to be a smooth operator I use the cream of nature… Argan oil, anti-humidity, gloss and shine mist. Just to add a little bit of shine and as always my Chiba flat iron and now this is the hair wavy with the other side, part okay. So this is the second part.


Second side, part, I don’t know if you can see – and I just added a little bit of waves, not too much, and I use this cheap-ass curler right now, I’m wearing it on the middle part, as you can see, and I just flex about it – you know using about 12 of these 14 millimeters flex rods, and before that I use some moose.

That’s a deal: it’s free shipping worldwide, yeah! If you have an address, you can get this here, not a PO box address, but you can get this hair and it comes to your house via DHL or UPS in about a week from most online stores.

If you want up to 18 inches, I think three bundles is just enough because you know the longer the hair the slimmer the bundle, because each bundle is 100 grams. But if you want to have hair like mine, you gonna need four for maintenance.


I recommend you wash the hair at least once a week and if you can just spray some water on it, you know the human body is made of water, so your hair needs water. This hair is six eighth grade hair, one of the best hair quality on the market.

I so love body wave hair, you know it’s so versatile you can straighten it and it gets bone straight.

You can curl it and it holds curls for days, you know, unlike straight hair that sometimes doesn’t hold curls well or curly hair that sometimes you cannot flatiron and get it really bone straight.

So that’s why I love it, to me it’s the best of both worlds. If you liked this video, as I did filming it, please thumbs up comment rate subscribe to my channel click here and I hope to see you soon.

Much love be blessed.




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