The Best Micro Bead Hair Extensions: All You Need To Know

You may be wondering what are micro bead hair extensions and why are they so popular? The short answer is; in this weave extension process wefts of hair are attached to a small group of strands of your own hair using a thin silicone-lined bead.

The bead is then tightened to hold the the hair in place. There is no glue or heat is used in the process so there is less risk of damaging your own hair.

In this article you are going to learn three unique ways micro-bead hair extension work better and longer than other types of hair weave installations.

You may be surprised by how well these little micro beads work as well as the best or most popular micro bead brands being used.

There are many women the swear by micro beads hair styles because of all of the benefits we are about to go over below. The one thing that is crystal clear is how beautiful your hair will look when you use this particular type of hair weave extension.

You might be wondering what makes these micro bead hair extensions unique.  Mainly it’s the way the micro beads are able to secure your hair better and they last longer than glue or tape. Since they consist of small metals or plastic rings which are clamped around different parts of your hair this clamping means the extension is locked into your natural hair with little chance of it moving or sliding out of position. The beads are typically lined with silicone to protect your hair and to make it secure.

The main drawback to this micro bead process is that these extensions must be done at a salon. For those on a budget or with a busy schedule, this is definitely a disadvantage, since prices can range from medium to high and it cannot be done at home. Yet, once they are installed you will have months of use to where you don’t need to worry having to go back to a salon.



Why are they better than other types of hair extensions?

  • You can style your hair differently each time you use them. For all those who love to keep their hair natural and give you a great look at the same time.
  • You don’t have to use glue, tape or heat which can damage the hair if applied improperly. 
  • With these micro beads you can use silicon which is a lot easier to keep your hair safe from damage.
  • They look very natural and are practically unnoticeable because they are usually concealed beneath your own hair, plus they are durable and can maintain the look you want for up to about 3 months and even longer in most cases.

Which are the best Micro-bead Hair Extensions? These are the three most popular :

  1. 500pc 5mm Hair Extension Silicone Micro Link Rings Lined Beads for Stick Hair extension- They work great and come in fabulous colours according to your hair color. They allow the I-tip extensions to be very secure.
  2. 2500pcs Hair Extension Micro Rings Links Beads, 5mm Silicone Lined Beads for Human Hair Extension Tool- These are excellent and easy to work with. The best part is that they grip the hair thoroughly, and you are sure that they will not fall.
  3. Beauty 500pcs 5mm Silicone Lined Micro Rings Links Beads for Hair Extensions, Black- These are in black, and also you can choose from white, deep brown and light brown. They are durable, and that makes them great to reuse.


Best 3 micro bead hair extensions before and after styling results


If you are looking to get some of these extensions and want a choice of the top brands please visit my favorite online hair supply store and you’ll get a great selection of hair and styles, great quality, fast shipping and outstanding customer service all the way through the process.


Why are micro beads the preferred choice for creating long lasting hairstyles?

Since they combine both the aspect of volume and length, it makes them easy to style as if it is your own hair without the fear of the extension falling off. It works so well because it uses the individual hair strand style of attachment and will form high ponytails layered beneath your natural hair so you can create multiple styles based on where you place the extensions.


How long do they last?

You get a significant advantage in that it does not require frequent retouch and you should only retouch it after five weeks. Is that not amazing?

The other benefit is that you can reuse the hair for as long as you like it because you can uninstall and restyle your hair with the same extensions. 

How much do they cost?

These are affordable because of how long they can last. So instead of buying more and more hair you can simply reuse these extensions over and over to create different looks and styles. Yet, in the end the price depends on the type of hair you purchase and where in the world it is from. A synthetic can be less than $50 while a virgin hair option should cost from between $400 to $1000 based on the quality and texture you want.

Micro beads hair extensions are not for a weekend outing. You should think of them as a long term solution where you can style your hair and not have to worry with too many touch ups to keep it looking great. Expect about 4 to 5 weeks between touch ups which is a huge advantage and time saver when it comes to maintaining your hair.


If you are looking to get some of these extensions and want a choice of the top brands please visit my favorite online hair supply store and you’ll get a great selection of hair and styles, great quality, fast shipping and outstanding customer service all the way through the process.


Don’t miss the instructional video(s) below
that will walk you through how these micro beads hair styles are install so
you can create your own beautiful new look.


Which micro loop hair extensions are better; virgin or synthetic?

For highest quality and natural looking hair use extensions made using virgin or Remy hair. These are more costly because it is real untreated hair that you can treat as your own naturally grown hair. This means you can wash it, blow dry and even hot curl virgin hair extensions into as many styles as you prefer. The hair cuticles of virgin hair stay intact and run in the same direction which helps give it the natural look. You don’t need to worry about any tangling issues when using hair extensions made using Remy hair. These extensions remain silky and smooth for a long period.

As the name suggests, synthetic hair extensions are made using synthetic, blended fibers. These products do not make use of any original human hair. The fine, plastic fibers are manufactured to imitate virgin human hair. They resist moisture so being in the pool or dealing with rainy conditions won’t harm synthetic hair.  The draw back is that you have to make sure they are installed with great care to get a more natural look. You also cannot use heat on my synthetic hair and that means the style you buy is the one style you have to use.


How To Install Micro-Bead Hair Extensions – Video Training 


Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. It’s me. So  if you’re new here and in today’s video I’m going to be talking all about my micro beaded hair extensions. Now I got these from Amazon, so they were pretty affordable.

I will talk to you guys about the quality of these hair extensions and the brand of these hair extensions. How many packs do you need to do a full head of hair to make it blend and look good. And I’m also going to compare these hair extensions with my tape in Amazon hair extensions.

So we’re gonna be talking a lot about semi-permanent hair extensions. I’m gonna be giving you guys pricing, which the prices are actually not bad at all. I’m gonna give you guys all the details and all that jazz, I’m also gonna show you guys how to install these hair extensions. 

My sister and I try to vlog us installing these hair extensions, so we can like explain it to you guys and I broke it down and it’s pretty simple and self-explanatory, but I will be showing you guys how to install these extensions as well. 

So I hope you guys are excited for this video, if you are, don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up, and let’s just do this boo-boo. 

Let me start off with these hair extensions. These hair extensions are from the company More So Hair. If you guys want to check these out, you guys can totally check these extensions out. These extensions were not sent to me. I personally bought these extensions on my own with my own money and I just really wanted to try out micro beaded hair extensions.

So these extensions are 20 inches long and I’m going to show you guys how long they are. It goes really low and they’re really long. I got these extensions in the shade 1b, which is black. I wanted it to be super black, because my natural hair is black. Even though I got some red pieces in my hair, I still feel like it blends pretty. 

I washed these hair extensions and let me tell you about the quality of these extensions. They are simply amazing, like they do not tangle, they do not shed, it’s so easy to blow dry. These hair extensions air dry after they are washed into a beautiful, loose wave, and these are the 20 inch micro, bead human hair extensions. These come in 50 grams per pack, each pack costs $42 and 26 cents. 

Each of the micro bead strands is one gram of hair, so this is how like one strand looks like I don’t know, if you guys can see that I had to put one up in my bang, because my hair is short, and I wanted to kind of like get rid of my bang.

This is basically how this looks and this is just one strand. So each strand is one gram of hair and you get 50 pieces in each pack. I purchased 5 packs here. So that’s 250 grams of hair, because that’s usually how thick my clip-in extensions are so I just want to make sure that it blends into my hair. 

I did not use all of the 5 packs in my hair, since my hair is finer and thinner and I didn’t really need all 5 packs. I used four and a half packs.  Like I am obsessed with these hair extensions at how soft they are and how manageable they are and how beautifully they are.

Now I did check out the reviews on this hair extension brand and all the reviews were super positive. Everyone loved these hair extensions and everyone was raving about them. So I was like I have to try these out. 

So you already know my sister and CC my partner in crime. We ordered ten packs of hair all together and we paid for expedited shipping. So for two heads we paid about 400 to 500 dollars. That is just for the extensions. I also bought the pliers, the tool that you need in order to clamp these hair extensions on. 

This will all make sense once you guys see me applying these hair extensions to my sister’s hair.  You guys will see the process of how to install these. And this hair, installation wise, is so easy to do.  I feel like there’s so much more easier than taping extensions, and it’s actually I feel like it’s a lot better for your hair. It does not rip and pull on your hair like tape ends. 

One thing though I have to mention is, if you take a shower at night, you can’t just leave your hair wet and go to sleep. That is how you create mold and fungus. You have to make sure that your extensions are super dry before you tie your hair or go to sleep or any of that good stuff, because your hair needs to breathe. 

You know it needs to be air dried, it needs to be dry, you don’t want any mold in your hair, so beware. These extension styles are so easy to style. They are not knotty at all. They’re like, if you think you got a tangle in it, you just go in with a brush and it just comes right out. 

These extensions are so soft and so manageable. To be honest, I was a little shocked because of the price. I love that these hair extensions really do last in your hair, they’re semi-permanent, so they last and you can reuse these hair extensions. 

Yes, boo, boo, I said you can reuse these hair extensions. So once your hair kind of grows out, the bead will kind of go lower. You can basically open it up with the little clamp. I’m going to show you guys  in a minute, and take out the hair extension and then put it back into your head. 

As long as you take care of them, I feel like they would last you for a good year or two. I felt like my tape in hair extensions have nothing on these hair extensions. Tape in hair extensions, after a while, they got super super naughty and I had to take them out. So I installed these hair extensions a week and a half ago, and I got the video clips on how I install them. So let’s roll those clips, so you guys can learn how to install them as well. 

So what we’re gonna need is a rat tail comb. A paddle brush, so the hair doesn’t get knotted. Some pliers for the hair extensions and then we have five packs of hair because we like our hair to be super thick.

Let me grab you the hair we are using and show you guys it is called more tangle, free hair extensions.

It’s supposed to be a hundred percent real human hair and we’re gonna try this out. This is the micro loop ring, hair extensions. Obviously you’re gonna need clips to suction out your hair and then with our tools. 

We got this tool, but we’re not gonna use it since our links already have micro loops, if they didn’t, we would have had to use this tool. 

So let’s do this, and I also want to mention that you’re gonna need to flat iron your hair before you apply your extensions.  I sectioned off my clients hair and I left some hair in the back so when she wants to put her hair up, her micro links are not showing.

We’re gonna make really small, clean sections. I saw some videos on YouTube that people were taking clumps of hair and that’s unacceptable, so make sure you’re taking as much as the hair is on the strand.

So you’re gonna basically measure it to the hair strand and make sure it’s as thick as a strand of hair that you’re putting on. You don’t want her hair to be held on to a thin piece of string. So imagine I just took this big of a section. I put a little clip. It’s just gonna look wrong and she’s not gonna be able to put her hair up. It’s gonna be nappy for hair.

I’m gonna hold a little loop in between my fingers. Kind of like this. I’m sectioning off the hair to make sure it’s as thick as I need it to be open. With my finger put the hair inside the clear part super self-explanatory, then pull this part down and hold the hair.

I’m gonna make sure it’s all the way up to here not to her root but high enough and then I’m going to secure the bead super easy super self-explanatory. So the thick 20 inches goes best down all her back. You cannot even tell what she has extensions in her hair. You don’t even see it.  It looks so freaking good and it’s so thick.

I’m gonna install one piece of these hair extensions, even though you should be doing this on your own, because you’re not gonna be able to get the back of your head. I am a licensed cosmetologist. I did take a class on this, so I’m gonna show you guys how to put one extension in your hair. 

This is pretty self-explanatory and you do this throughout your whole, entire head and you’re gonna take this part, which is the clear part of the hair extensions. It just makes your life so easy, and I’m just gonna pick up the section of my hair. I’m not gonna section out to what thickness of a piece so it’s not that thick, but it’s not super thin. 

So I got a small section of hair right and I’m gonna take this loop kind of put my finger inside of it like this. I’m going to put the loop inside my hair, so now the loop is inside my hair and there is a bead inside this hair. It’s like a black bead, I’m just going to pull on it. 

Now, when I pull on this bead, it’s gonna bring up my hair inside the micro extensions and it’s gonna pull out my hair and put it basically inside the micro loop. This is my actual hair, so a little tip is held on to your actual hair, just in case the micro bead it slides down. 

You could just pull that need back up into position and then you’re gonna secure the bead. I just clamp it in super quick super easy.

I hope it makes a little bit more sense now on how to apply these hair extensions. 

It’s super quick, super easy, and once you get the hang of it, I promise you you got this, so I hope I made sense on how I installed these hair extensions.

It only took me an hour and 30 minutes to do my sister’s hair and she used five packs of hair extensions. It wasn’t bad at all and once you get the hang of it. This hair looks beautiful and natural. I like the thickness the extensions provide and this is a hairstyle that can be worn for months with relatively few touch ups ever 5 or 6 weeks or so.



Since we are all about do it yourself hair styling the logical next step is that when it comes time to remove these micro bead extensions that you’ll need to know how that is done. So below I’m providing a short instructional video that walks you through the process of removing them.


How To Remove Micro Bead Extensions – Short  Video Version


We’re going to teach you how to take out the extensions. So it’s not uncomfortable for your client. You take the tool and the beat sideways and you clamp down and you just kind of round out the bead and pull the bead towards their head.

Next you take the extension, pull it out and the bead slips right out. One of the reasons why we clip on the very tip of the hair extension is so that when you go to reuse the extension all you have to do is cut off the part that you’ve clamped down on so that you can use the lower part and not have to retype it.

So again you just round out the bead, hold the bead close to the client scalp and tug on the extension and it comes right out. You don’t want to just tug it out or else it’s going to hurt. So you round it out first. Remember keep it close to the head and it just comes right out.  

Now if you were to just open the bead and then try and pull it out it’s going to hurt your hair. So what I mean the scalp is going to be really sensitive so remember just hold it close to their head and then tug on the extension and it comes out really easily.




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