Best Micro Loop Hair Extensions For African American Hair

Many women prefer micro loop hair extensions for African American hair nowadays. These types of hair extensions are available in the form of tiny hair bundles. You need to loop these bundles through the small sections of your original hair.

How to install micro loop hair extensions?

Your hair is pulled through a pre-attached copper ring using a plastic loop. The metal bead is clamped around the extension to keep the hair extension secure. Many micro loop extension products come with a loop and bead to avoid the need for any loop tool for attachment.

What makes micro loop hair extensions different from other hair extensions?

One of the main differences is that micro loop hair extensions don’t need any adhesive or glue for installation. This aspect attracts several women to choose this technique for their African American hair.

When you use traditional hair extension, it is advisable to allow your natural hair to rest in between fittings. There is no need to worry about this situation while using micro loop hair extensions for African American hair. You can fit these extensions back to back and will never be without your hair extensions.

Copper rings that have been utilized in micro ring extensions are available in different colors. Other people won’t be able to notice these rings used on your hair. The site of glued-in extensions becomes easily visible for casual viewers.

Don’t miss the instructional video(s) below that will walk you through how these micro loop hair styles look and how to install them if you do like what you see.


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Best 3 micro loop hair extension brands


Ugeat Micro Loop Human Hair Extension: If you are searching for highly stable and solid micro loop extensions made using natural hair, you can choose the Ugeat Micro Loop Human Hair Extension. They hold up better compared to other brands and make the wearer comfortable.


Sunny Hair Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions

These hair extensions utilize micro-rings for long term attachment. You can find soft and silky with an excellent finish. Sunny Hair Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions are available in 13 different colors.

LaaVoo Micro Loop Ring Human Hair Extensions

You can achieve a soft and silky hair appearance for an extended period with the LaaVoo extensions. Application and maintenance stay at minimal levels. High affordability can also be associated with this brand.



Which micro loop hair extention are better;
virgin or synthetic?

It is always advisable to buy micro loop hair extensions made using virgin or Remy hair. As the name suggests, synthetic hair extensions are made using synthetic, blended fibers. These products do not make use of any original human hair. The fine, plastic fibers are manufactured to imitate virgin human hair.

The cuticles of virgin hair stay intact and run in the same direction. You don’t need to worry about any tangling issues when using hair extensions made using Remy hair. These extensions remain silky and smooth for a long period.


3 reasons why micro loop hair extensions
are a great option for creating stylish hairstyles


Excellent ease of use

You can find the technique of removing micro loop hair extension for African American hair simple and easy. It can be done fast as well. For opening the extensions, the rings are squeezed. Metal beads are clamped around the extensions to make them secure. You can slide the extensions up and down to make adjustments. Without any complexity, you can remove the extension. There is also no need to use any chemical products.

Natural appearance

The micro loop hair extensions help you achieve a natural look. They blend seamlessly with your natural hair to enhance your look.

Easy maintenance

The maintenance effort stays at minimal levels. These products are easily washable.

If you maintain micro loop hair extensions properly, you can expect them to last for 2 to 3 months. The average price for three sets of 18-inch extensions is $35 but their are more expensive brands out there on the market. You can buy these products from beauty-supply outlets. Many women also visit reputed salons to buy these products.


Micro Links Are Easy To Wear In Different Styles

Hey guys, it’s Alicia, aka The Anxious Everygirl. What’s good, I hope you’re all doing well, staying safe and staying as healthy as possible. So today I’m going to be talking about micro beads extensions, aka La Weave. I think there are other iterations of it as well. It’s basically small beads attached to your natural hair rather than having a sewing wave.

So I am a sew-in weave girl who has been using sew-ins since I was 14 years old, but because I had a few holidays coming up prior to this pandemic I thought, let’s give it a go. If you want to hear the good, the bad, the ugly, in the ways that I styled this different type of weave then stay tuned.

Okay, guys my hair’s freshly washed and just blow-dried. I just got out of the shower. You can see how it looks wet now, it does look very natural. It does blend into my hair a lot. So now I use this gel stick. This is from Carrick it’s kind of a soft way to brush your leave out down and smooth your edges as well. So I use this as edge control.

I do use an Eco Styler as well depicted on the come over, but right now I’m just kind of just making it look presentable, just kind of keeping it very chilled. The most positive thing I can say is that with this hair it is very easy to change styles.

You can relax it down or quickly put it up in a ponytail if you’re just running out of the house.  I believe this is a great option for versatility because we should be able to do it if we want with our hair and try different styles and not be restricted in the styles that we try. So I feel like this is such a good step.

One thing I will say is: if you have very coarse, Afro hair, then you may need to relax it, and I know everyone is about that now. Everyone wants to do that, but it will sit better if you do.

If you have a blessing of a kind of softer Afra  hair you may not need to, you may just straighten it easy or if you get a pro kink extension, you could blend it in really easily.

Okay, guys! That’s it from me.



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Micro links Hair Weave Installation Tutorial Video

Video Transcript: Hey beauties, so today’s video I’m using my sister as my model and we’re going to be doing the detailed video on micro link. I know after the last video I did on this type of method you guys had lots of questions and you guys wanted to see another video on someone that got straight hair. So here we are with another video for y’all.

So my sister started off here with just a basic still press. We did deep condition her hair, I also clipped their ends because it was needed. This is how her hair looks in the ponytail.  She doesn’t like how fine it has gotten so we’re going to just add a few rolls in there to give it the thickness that she wants.

She doesn’t want a full head of it, but she just wants a little more volume and some added thickness. Each section that you part off you want to make sure that you’re leaving a little bit of space on each end, and that is so the hair will be able to conceal the tracks, and you won’t be able to see the little space right there. You want to make sure you leave that.


If you liked this video, make sure you go and hit that like button, you guys don’t understand how much it helps my channel when you are liking and commenting. So I really do appreciate all of  you who do support my channel. So I appreciate that, and also you guys make sure that if you know anyone that is interested in knowing how to do this method make sure you share this video as well.

This method is perfect for anybody that doesn’t like braids. They don’t like too much bulk. It’s perfect for anybody that just likes to have something that’s lightweight and easy to maintain this style. This method is super super seamless. It’s also very light, it’s not really heavy on the hair at all. My clients they tell me they barely can feel it on their scalp.

The one thing you want to make sure that you are doing is not putting those micro beads too close to the scalp. You want to give it a little bit of wiggle room just so you’re not creating too much pressure or anything like that too the roots and causing any type of damage. So you want to be sure that you give it a little bit of space when you clamp that bead on there.

Every time. I do one row. I always go in and trim the weave to match it to her natural hair because the weave is added just to give her some thickness and volume. So we want to make sure that it does measure out to be the same length as her natural hair. I am cutting each row to make sure that it does match lengthwise with her natural hair.

Look at this. She can put her hair behind her ear. It lays down flat. You can’t even tell that she has anything in-between her hair. You see that super seamless. I just love this method. This is definitely one of my favorite methods and as long as it is removed properly, it won’t cause any damage, but it has to be removed properly.

As far as the texture of hair that she has or that she got. The weave that she got it was straight. She doesn’t intend on wearing her, naturally curly hair. She intends on wearing it straight anyway, so she’s just gonna find a way to maintain her hair straight without having a flat iron it  too often. So she didn’t want the curly hair. She wants this straight so she can wear as a sub press or you know just give her a little added volume.

What I do want to say is naturally kinky or curly hair can get straight hair and you can have your hair blown out and straighten your natural hair and just add a few pieces of the weave straight hair to give you thickness or whatever the case may be or the length or whatever. But you want to be mindful how much you are flat ironing your naturally curly hair, because it is easy to get heat damaged. So you want to be mindful of how often your Flatiron the hair. I would say I would keep It down to about two times a month, if even that.

You want to make sure you’re also staying on top of like treatments and like protein treatments and stuff like that also help the hair to fight against any damage, but do not flat on your hair every single day and do not flatten your hair too often or again it will cause heat damage so be mindful.

For all your hair that is left out just volume and to keep the weave the same length as your natural hair. You usually don’t need to add in too many rows. I believe here we only did four rows on our hair, one at the nape of her neck, one in the middle and then one at the top. We did that three or four times. So that is how it looks now, and that is how we are doing it. See how the hair lay looking all natural and looking like it’s growing out of her scalp, you definitely would not know it’s a weave.  Well! That is it for this video.  Thank you and have a nice one.



How To Remove Micro Bead Extensions – Short  Video Version



How to remove beaded weft Video Instruction





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