Is This The Best Tangle Free Crochet Hair Available

Crochet braids have been trending in recent years. The crochet braid is becoming influential due to its natural hair movement. Crochet braids’ texture has a natural appeal. You cannot distinguish the braids from real human hair.

Crochet braid is a term used to refer to the method which is used in the addition or applying of hair extension or weave in your hair.

The hair is added by cornrowing your hair, and then you apply for your hair extension.

This hair is usually loose. In addition to that, the hair extension is applied by looping it under the cornrows with the help of a crochet needle.

Advantages of crochet hair. The crochet braid is suitable for DIY. (Doing it yourself). If you are good at styling your hair, then crochet braids are ideal for you. What you need to do is to master the art of patience and to focus on your mirror while attempting to come up with a suitable style for you.

They are cheap and affordable and are easy to do. It can take about two to three hours to apply for the hair extension. In addition to that, the braids come with a natural appeal.


Amazon Provides A Huge Selection of Crochet Hair to Choose From



Here are the best tangle free crochet hair, hairstyles, and the style that you can apply while using them. 

  • The pre-twisted hairstyle:  The already twisted hairstyle is suitable with the following hair extension giving you a unique appearance of the best tangle free crochet hair. This style is suitable for the following extension that will give you a perfect crochet braid appearance that will make you look attractive and natural. 

  • The Jamaican twist braid: This is a very special type of hair braid that rhymes with this style perfectly well. It has a soft texture and can be styled to be very attractive. Loose curly pattern is fantastic and appealing to the eye. The braid is very advanced and unique. 

  • The Cuban twist braids: Cuban twist braids have a natural appeal making them suit you perfectly and match with your looks. It is synthetic and easy to apply. In addition to that, the braid is affordable and easy to maintain.

  • The Havana twist braid: The Havana twist braid is a very advantageous hair extension that is very suitable with the already twisted style. Its natural appearance gives you a fantastic appeal to the eye. The hair is affordable and easy to apply. The hair braid can be applied in different styles since its texture favors any style.

  • The X-Pression synthetic crochet hair: The hair is very attractive and shiny. The hair is among the best hair that fits with the crochet braid. The hair is very affordable and has a long life span as compared to other types of hair. This free stress braid fits perfectly in your natural hair giving it a natural appeal. It has a long life term and is very affordable and manageable.


In general Crochet braid hairstyles last between 4 to 8 weeks.  The lifespan of the hair depends on the style you choose to use and how effectively you manage your hair. The manner at which you install crochet braids also will determine the lifespan of that hair. To maximize the braids longer use higher quality of hair and do a daily maintenance routine.


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Here are some other online benefits you need to look for when comparing Amazon to other online outlets:

  • Ensure the company you purchase your hair care products from has a long history of providing only the best hair brands. This includes both quality synthetic hair as well a real human hair options to choose from.

  • Does the company offer real customer reviews you can trust? If they do not, keep looking because reputable companies provide this type of important information about their products.

  • It’s better to get all your hair and hair supplies from one place so if any issues come up you have one company to deal with.

  • Ensure you can get two day or next day delivery.  Almost no other company has the high delivery on time track record that Amazon has. Not everyone can get two day or next day delivery from Amazon. Still you can expect your shipment to arrive fast.

  • Make sure you get free tracking for your order so you can anticipate when it will arrive accurately.

  • Again, great low prices along with fast delivery is a must. If a company wants to charge you an additional fee for 2 day or less delivery, consider signing up as an Amazon prime member so that you only pay one small price per month. Then you’ll always get super fast deliveries, no matter how many times you make a purchase, at no additional cost per order.


What Are the Best Crochet Hair Styles? Video Knowledge


Hey, it’s your girl, the kids me and I’m back again with another video now I just got done, recording my review on this hair. 

So if you haven’t already checked it out make sure you check that out, I know 95% of you all are on my channel because of crochet braids, so I wanted to go ahead and give y’all a top 10 of my favorite crochet looks.

Like crochet braids  literally save my natural hair. They are so convenient, they are so affordable. They are so simple and easy to do once you continue to practice. I know a lot of people say to me, like girl, I tried to do it how you did it and I can’t get it right. 

Trust me, there’s so many different styles. I have tried with crochet braids that never made it to the camera. Trust me practice practice practice practice. 

You all know I’m really big on looking good, but saving your money at the same time is also great. We all got goals that we want to meet. We all got places that we want to be. Nothing wrong with cutting some corners (not a lot) while trying to save your money in areas that you usually spend a lot of your money on. 

And crochet braids just are just so affordable. Until you save your own money, it lasts longer to it being a great vacation here, so it being a just, an overall great protective style to help you grow your natural hair and to keep your hands out of your hair. 

I just love crochet braids. You guys, like I loved crochet hair, but you know as some of them girls that are like. Oh, I don’t listen to that synthetic hair. I will quickly tell somebody yeah this crochet, you see the knot it’s crochet. 

I work with so many different companies with the curl patterns, to the dreadlocks, to straight hair, to curly hair, and I know y’all are looking forward to seeing which style made my top ten and no, the one in my hair now did not make the list. It’s not because it’s not good hair, it’s just that I try so much crochet hair it was so hard for me to pick a top 10.

Let’s get into the top 10. So coming in at number 10, and I’m not gonna tell you how many, how many parts are used and what color I use. I’m just gonna tell you what I like about the hair. 


Okay, so coming in at number 10 is going to be Trendy Tresses Nubian Curl. 

I love this hair with this style. One thing that I can say is the hair texture with Trendy Tresses hair is a little bit slicker than what you would get out of the regular crochet hair that you get out of a hair store. So you do have to be careful with that.

I would suggest that you at least knot it at least three or four times when you put it in there because, like I said it does have that silky texture to it. It is some very soft hair and I just love the curl pattern. 

I did not wet my hair and all because I can’t tell you how it would do with it being wet and I kept that style in for two to three weeks. Usually Braided crochet is two to three weeks. 


Coming in at number nine is going to be the Freetress Deep Twist. 


I absolutely love this hair. I believe this hair came in like 20 inches, so yeah girl. I was slinging everything like I had some real bundles in my head because it came all the way down my back.

I was actually pretty surprised to see how quickly I was able to install it and to be honest, my brain and pattern was not up to par. I’m going to see if I can put some clips and show you exactly how to braid it better but y’all I was so surprised that the hair held up the way it did for so long. 

Now I can’t say, with it being longer, it did come with some tangling, it’s a tangle, a lot more than what I was expecting. But then again, I can’t really say more than I was expecting because that was my first time ever trying long crochet hair. 

As you know, synthetic hair in the way that it is constructed with it being long and already not being a high quality of extensions it was going to tangle. So I was pretty much. You know. Kind of new to it, so what I did with the maintenance was, I went ahead and I spritzed on water and conditioner on the hair in front. 

It’s a big hair style so I tied it and I twisted it in maybe like four big twists and I put my bonnet on and I will go to sleep like that. So that definitely helped take down the frizz and with the hair being so long.

Then like every few days I didn’t have to go in and clip the ends. I believe I kept that crochet style in for three to four weeks, because I had my hair braided. I believe it was like three weeks. I would still keep saying I loved all the hair, because I do love all the hair pretty much.  


Coming at number eight is the Ultra Expressions 4A Kinky hair. 


I cannot stress how, and I cannot tell you how many people thought that this was real hair. When I put that in, it was so natural, as you can tell by the name of it.  4A kinky hair was so natural it was very easy to put in because it was, I believe it was pre looped, and not only that I wore that crochet style on vacation – That’s one thing that I love when I come across a good crochet style that I can take that I can wear on vacation. 

Now when I went on vacation, I went to Columbia. Yes, I went to the country Columbia, and it was absolutely amazing. If you don’t have it on your list of places to travel you should definitely put it on your travel list.

It rained on the hair and it was still perfectly fine. I didn’t get in the water or anything like that, so it was just great for an actual vacation hair. I use a mousse as well as use either a water conditioner inside of a spray bottle or I use a foaming mousse that works the best for me when it starts frizzing.

Okay, so coming in at number seven is the Authentic Senegalese Twist.


Now, a lot of people got fooled on Instagram. Actually this picture is still going around like a lot. A lot of people are portraying it to be my natural hair. I want them to believe that this is my natural hair cause y’all know I’m not afraid to test money than I’m wearing weave, but a lot of people thought that this was like an actual twist out, which it kind of did, give you that twist out vibes. 

I watched a video and she had her crochet and it was like she pushed this side back, so she had less hair on this side and more on this side. So I was like hmm, I was inspired by her video, so I did the shades look and kind of pushed it to the side, and then I put the twists in and after I was done, I unraveled them and all the beauty of this hair was absolutely gorgeous.

Like I just loved it, I loved it and I was able to do a braid this crochet style. I did keep that style for only three weeks and to be honest, I have some more hair left over and I’ve been thinking about purchasing some more just to see how I can come up with another style just to use the hair. 

Okay number, six! Now I’m getting into the free trade. I know y’all gonna see a lot of Freetress styles on this list. Freetress is where it’s at when it comes to the crochet here. I’m not even gonna lie to you. I love a lot of their hair.


So number six is going to be the Freetress Water Wave.


Now this was the first crochet style I’ve ever done and a lot of people thought that was my natural hair. 

Not only did a lot of people think it was my natural hair, I blew myself away by only using two packs of hair. I didn’t cut that hair in half and braided my hair down, and I only used two packs of that hair. 

I did leave a little bit of my hair left out around the edges and I had to brush it back with some Eco styling gel to blend it in with the curl. This hair actually held up pretty well, because I was able to swim in this hair, and not only was I able to swim while I was on a vacation we went swimming in the ocean as well as in the pool, so it held up pretty well in the ocean as well as in the pool.

And I’m not just talking about beach water. I’m talking about we went snorkeling in the ocean off the boat type of thing and it held up so well. 

What I loved so much about Crochet hair is that it dries a lot faster than the inversion hair, and not only that with it already being synthetic hair and the curl pretty much being the same. If I was to wet the hair, the curl pattern isn’t gonna change. 

You probably won’t even be able to tell that my hair is wet, you’ll probably see it dripping, but the curls are not disturbed and that’s what I love so much about crochet hair. 

So yes, this is a summer, not this in my head, but Freetress Water Wave is a go-to for swimming for any vacation that involves water and beaches. Anything like that and this hair is going to be perfect. 


For number five it is Freetress Beach curl.


Now, the reason why I put this one in there is because number 6 and number 5 are kind of tied, so I can’t really say which one will go before the other one. I love how soft it was, and not only that I love how soft it was you can’t really do a  crochet braid with every type of crochet on this list but this hair worked and it was absolutely beautiful and I love when I can get something quick and I don’t have anybody to braid my hair down.

Coming in at number four is Freetress Bohemian Curl which is another vacation friendly hair. I went on a cruise to the Bahamas with his hair. So many compliments on the cruise, so many different people would ask me different questions about my hair. 

I went swimming in that hair. I didn’t go swimming at the beach but we went swimming at this little pool and a slide they had on the actual ship. So I did that and my hair got drenched in water, got out, shook it, and I was good to go taking pictures doing everything else and you couldn’t even tell that I was literally rolling down a slide into water. 


Coming in and number three is the Freetress GoGo Curl.


I love the Freetress gogo curl for so long I didn’t try it. When I tried it. I was shocked. The curl pattern and how they held up the curl pattern edges to me. It reminds me of a Brazilian curly, but it’s not so tight. It’s kind of like a loose in between Brazilian curly yeah, it’s kind of like a looser curl.

And, to be honest, when you look at it, it doesn’t look like Crochet hair to me. The curl pattern is really what’s cooking at number three. I didn’t get a lot of tangling with his hair. I left it in I believe, for three weeks. Always make sure you sleep with a satin bonnet and you’ll be good to go 


Number two is going to be Trendy Tresses Spirited Curl.


This is the most natural crochet hair I’ve seen when it comes to the link, when it comes to the texture, when it comes to just the overall look of it especially the curl pattern. 

Just everything about it was so natural looking I was able to put it up in a ponytail that might’ve been the first time I ever put my crochet braids up into a ponytail and it just was absolutely beautiful. 

Next time I want to make my braids a little smaller so I can really get the full effect of how it was, and I believe I left this hair in for about three weeks. Maybe two weeks to four weeks max. I don’t remember how long I kept it in to be honest.


You are at number one. It is the Kima Ocean Wave:


Okay, literally change the game with the Kima Ocean Wave – Available On Amazon. I’m absolutely in love, y’all. The hair just really speaks for itself like it deserves number one. I use two packs of hair and could have two packs of hair cut in half. I mean just look at the pictures that I’m inserting. I love it. 

One thing that I can’t say about it, though, is that you have to make sure that the knots in your hair are extremely small. You can’t be in a rush, putting big lumps of hair in your hair to show because the hair isn’t a curly texture, it’s kind of like a wave texture. 

I was actually shocked, like there was minimal tangles there was literally no shedding. I didn’t really have to go in every other day and clip anything but I won’t be trying to go to  20 inches because to me I feel like when the longer to crochet the more it tangles. 

I actually like that style on me, so that is going to be my signature style when I am wearing the Kima Ocean Wave hair, so yeah that is going to complete this video, that is my top 10 crochet hair that I absolutely love as of right.



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