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micro braiding hair 24 inch

What are the benefits of using 24-inch wet braided hair?

Other than being one of the most popular brad lengths, the wet and wavy braiding hair styles is also consider one of the most attractive hairstyles going today.

Liquid and wavy braids are useful when you want a break from the daily manipulation and styling of hair. It is also a way to protect your hair from usual styling and keep it on for at least two months and at most three months.

What is 24-inch wet and wavy hair?

Micro knitting is a popular hairstyle among black women and some men. The small braids keep the hair clean and contain many small and sensitive braids braided against the scalp.

If you are interested in trying this style for an elegant and sophisticated look or easy maintenance, keep in mind that it is a long-term style and requires proper care. This means you have to wash and condition your hair just as you would your own naturally grown hair. When you take the time to take care of your human hair weave-ins and/or extensions you will find that they can last up too a full year.

Keeping up with the care and maintenance of your hair helps you save money and keep a beautiful head of hair all at the same time. To see a great selection of styles that you can have using wet and wavy braiding hair in the 24 inches styles then checkout Amazon. I’ll provide a convenient link-button that will take you to Amazon below.


Does using human or synthetic hair make a difference?

You can use synthetic and human hair for braids. However, most stylists like most are synthetic bristles because they make it easy to hold while braiding your hair. With the braiding process it can take an hour or two, if not more to get your braids done correctly. And you want to make sure they are done correctly not only because it keeps your hairstyle looking good, but it is a key to a long lasting hair install.

What are the best brands to use?

You can use synthetic and human hair for braids. However, most stylists like most are synthetic bristles because they make it easy to hold while braiding your hair.

Human Hair Option: although sometimes used, the best types are those that are purely human hair without new additions. They are often of good quality, as are other human hair extensions. Therefore, it all depends on the hair that attracts you the most. You can choose from European, Brazilian, Malaysian hair, among others. It all depends on what you are looking for in the hair you choose.


How can you take care of 24 inches of wet and wavy braided hair?

  1. Choose a professional carefully. Make sure that he or she does not stretch the hair too much, particularly along the ends. Taut braids can result in hair breakage and possible long-lasting hair loss.
  2. Ensure that your hair is spotless and moisturized well before the plaiting process.
  3. Keep to washing and your scalp after plaiting braids often. Be polite and massage the scalp during washing and preparation.
  4. Use light spray oil on the scalp to add shine and help give moisture in the hair.
  5. Dense products such as gel and hair oil can accumulate and be trapped in braids and hair. It can lead to breakage and knots in the removal course of time. Do not use them because they make your hair fragile as time goes by.


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Pros of swimming with hair extensions.

You maintain that amazing beach look without struggling.

Cons that come along with swimming with hair extensions.

Swimming with hair extensions or weaves will raise the maintenance cost to keep your hair looking beautiful. When you go swimming in your hair weave, it will not be the same as to when you have not swum with it. Swimming in them makes them a bit worn.  Again, drying the hair extension after swimming will require at least as much effort as with your own hair as you will be dealing with real hair attached to your own.


How To Micro-Braid – Video Tutorial


What’s up y’all, it’s me miss Ruby in this video. I’m going to show you guys how I went from this. So, this, as you can see, with my top hair, it’s like really curly and it’s actually pretty thin in my hair.



Braids only last so long, but I did want to put some in that carry me over for at least two weeks to a month. I wanted to get human braiding hair, but that cost almost just as much as weave and I could just get weave. If that’s the case, so I found something in the middle if you’re on a budget like me, you could do something like this now, unfortunately, when I went to the store, they said that this brand of hair has been discontinued. It is protein buy sensational and they advertise it at the hair that Brandy wears.


I don’t know how true that is either way. It’s a really good texture. This one is a soft cake, bulk 18 inches and it’s a 1 lbs mix for 350. It says that it can be washed and conditioned like regular hair um, we’ll see. It said you can put heat on it up to 270 degrees, which is awesome. It says it has a lot of vitality. Supposedly, it can be revitalized to its original condition by just spraying it with some water and combing through. Lets see, shall we.

Okay so wash and condition your hair, because it’s gonna be tied up for a while. I blow dry mine. Some people keep it wet. Some people press it. I despise both of those because it’s hard to grip the hair when you’re braiding, if the hair is too soft, silky or wet here are some things you will need to make braiding your own hair easier. A couple of clips like this hello baby comb that parts well and a fine-tooth comb for parting as well.

I like to start in the back and work my way up, keep in mind that the parts in the back can be bigger than those up top. If you want just make sure that if you part it bigger that you keep the braids the same size, I do it all the time.

People always ask me how I get to the back, and this is how the old fashioned way to mirror away try. You’ll see the hair into tiny pieces for one braid if you begin to tangle it before attaching or it’s going to get worse alright.

So here’s an example of how I attach the hair. It’s a bit hard to see. I know but we’re doing three-strand braids, so I’m wrapping the two strands from my added hair around my hair, then mixing small pieces of my hair with the two strands and vice versa. So each strand ends up even and then I just braid untangle bravely. Some more untangle, then just braid on down, and do it all over again.


Here’s how it looks after about three rolls are finished.

Here’s how it looks after about three-quarters of my hair is finished.

This is the back view.

I left some out at the top. I prefer to do my top last, I feel like I can manage it better and I can do really really small parts up topside view one side and take a look at the other side. I wanted it to be much fuller, but my hair is really thin and I didn’t want to do the part a small for fear of breakage is how it looks completed.

One side is straight: the other side is braided because we’re going to dip it into some warm water so that I can have some loose waves now, as you see, I’m measuring the temperature, because this hair is not supposed to exceed 270 degrees of heat. I actually did this in only about a hundred and fifty degrees of heat, so not nearly the maximum and that’s because I’m not really trying to get like a really deep wave.

Go ahead and dip it in the water wring it out, squeeze it out. However, you do it, I recommend trying one side first and I’m going to go ahead and unravel this now see how this turns out. These are just two different, like you know, basic ways that you can wear your hair when you have individual braids in the sea and it comes to really easy. I don’t know how it looks on camera to you, but it’s really soft hair is really pleasant.

So another great thing that I mentioned in the beginning of the video is that you can apply heat to this hair but right now I’m going to show you I purchased one at Walmart.

It was like 25 dollars. I really like how it has the little bubbles, it makes it really easy to wrap around we’re going to go ahead and keep that there. I only have the temperature up to like 200 degrees and voila you get nice bouncy curls. I can’t wait to do my entire head full of these things also, like I said before, if you curl it and you want to restrain it, then you can straighten it.

Just make sure that the heat settings are corrected so that it’s not too hot, because this hair will burn. I know because a couple of the pieces on my other side, I tried it when the water was way too hot and it burned.

So I went ahead and I dipped both sides and I only had the water up to about 150 degrees Fahrenheit. I know if you put it up to about 200, you can probably get a deeper wave or crinkle, and definitely, if you leave it in like overnight, you can get a deeper wave of wrinkle. I was looking for something more like this, like a loose kind of like a natural looking wave.

What I love about this hair is that it’s really soft like if you have ever used the black and gold Kanekalon before um, and you feel it. You run your fingers through it. It’s a little bit rough. It still looks good, but it doesn’t feel like hair like this feels like my hair. So if you do these braids, you can wear them down. I did put my middle part, which I actually hardly ever do on myself. I do it on clients, but I want to try it out this time.

Um I like wearing it like this. I really like wearing this style, especially if you do your baby hair. It just kind of shows off your face, and it’s kind of like a princess twist, waterfall type thing you might want to pin it down so that it stays down this tube. Just like a cute side, braid with maybe an accessory or something.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, see you next time




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