Hair Extensions For Very Fine Thin Hair – The Secrets Exposed!

The Hair Extension Secret For Braiding Very Fine Thin hair

When you have very fine thin hair and you want hair braids as your new look then you have need to know which is better for your grade of thin hair.

Is it synthetic hair extension, which are artificially made hair strands, or do you need the higher quality human hair to make your hairstyle beautiful? The answer might surprise you, so let’s weigh the good and bad of both choices below.

The first of at least three more factors we’ll discuss in this article starts with what type of braid style you’re looking for. For example, is it a thicker box braid you are after or do you prefer a thinner micro braiding style?

The different types of designs that each individual prefers to have in human hair extension and hair weaves include a straight profile, a wavy pattern, a deep wave pattern, and a tight curly pattern.

People prefer using a particular type of human hair weave because of their tastes and preferences. Human hair extensions types differ in their characteristics that range from the texture of the weave and the existence of the different multiple wave patterns of a particular human hair extension weave.

Keep in mind that there are multiple steps that go into creating a great and long hair braids. You’ll need more than just the hair weave or extension itself.  Amazon is a great source to find the exact type, style, color and brand of human hair you need to get the micro braiding hairstyle you want. With vendors from around the globe making their unique products available there Amazon you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find exactly what you’ll need.



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A hair extension is also referred to as artificial hair integration. Human hair extension is made out of real human hair that may be collected from a human donor. The cuticles of human hair extension are intact. They also run in the same direction. The properties allow the human hair extension to remain smooth and silky during its lifetime.

Most Popular Types of Hair Weave

There exist various types of hair weaves in the market. A virgin kind of hair weave is the most popular since this grade of hair can be utilized for multiple installs. A virgin weave can also undergo treatment and coloring to suit the need of the user. The most popular types of weave that exist in the market are the Indian weave, Malaysian weave, Eurasian weave, Peruvian wave, and the Brazilian weave.

  • Indian hair Hair Weave
    The Indian weave has a thick texture. The human hair extension is textured in nature, and it contains a natural luster. The Indian hair weave has various types of brands like Indian hair. The Indian hair weave is easy to maintain. This human hair extension is characterized by a variety of styles like straight hair, tight curly hair, and the wavy hair.
  • Malaysian Hair Weave
    The Malaysian hair extension is a very type of human hair weave. The Malaysian hair extension is the best hair extension for mixed-race hair. The Malaysian hair extension or weave blends best with thin and silky hair. The Malaysian hair extension is manageable. It also has a luster of its kind. The weave contains various brands like the I LOVE Posh Hair, which proves to be very soft and full of luster.
  • The Peruvian Hair Weave
    The Peruvian hair weave is famous due to its multi-purpose texture. The hair weave proves to be the best hair extension for mix race hair people. The hair can blend with various types of hair textures, making the weave suitable even for the Caucasian hair texture. The Peruvian weave is a free-flowing type of hair that is light in weight and luxurious in nature. The lightweight character of the Peruvian hair extension makes it very easy to manage. It has proven to be an excellent mixture of a relaxed texture.
  • Eurasian Hair Weave
    The origin of Eurasian hair extension originates from people with a mixture of both the Asian and European descent and ancestry. The hair weave has a thick, silky texture, and it perfectly suits the relaxing hair. The Eurasian hair weave is the best extensions for mixed race hair people.
  • Brazilian hair weave
    The Brazilian hair weave is among the best hair extension for mixed-race human hair. The hair weave is best for people of mixed race. The texture of the Brazilian hair weave is thick and fabulous in appearance. The extension hair looks natural, and it is also easy to manage.


How to make hair look thicker and fuller with the right hair weave

Preparing your hair extension thicker and fuller is easy as long as you wash the hair with a shampoo that is free from sulfate using moisturizing conditioners. Using paddle brush and wide tooth comb can also help in maintaining a thin hair.

It is also advisable to consult with a qualified professional for a piece of advice on which chemicals to apply on your hair to avoid side effects that can ruin it. Keeping your healthy is very important. Thin hair maintenance requires that one avoids using a ton of oils or applying those oils in your hair. This will not only protect your hair but also help in maintaining it.

Here is a hair styling secret that might surprise you.

You really need to identify what shape your face is. That will help you pick a hairstyle that will fit your look and style. Once you know what shape your face fits into, then it becomes a lot easier to find the right hairstyle that will give you the look you want.

Here is a chart that can help you determine your face shape. Not the white shapes each face represents.

Knowing your face shape gives you a huge advantage when it comes finding the best hairstyles! Ultimately, no matter how you feel about the shape of your face, there are many types of haircuts that you can wear to make you look your very best. Still you can get the perfect hair cut that is styled exactly how you wanted it, yet it will still leave you disappointed with the way you look with it.

The key to a flattering hairstyle, wig or human hair weave pattern is choosing the ones that create the illusion that you have the perfect face, instead of the perfect hairstyle. You see, there are hair styles that can help make a round face appear longer, a long face appear wider, or a square jaw line will appear softer. There are also hairstyle designs that seem to make large foreheads simply disappear.

When you know your face shape, a beautician can then give you the hairstyle that will keep you excited every time.

Here are some great details on what looks go with certain face shapes:

  • Round Faces – Ladies with a round face look  most beautiful with long hair that makes their face stand out.
    If you like medium-length hair, keep the length just below your jawline, which will elongate the roundness
  • Oval Faces – We recommend styling your mid length hair styles. This face shape works with almost any
    type of short hair cut from super short, to chin length or shoulder length.
  • Square Faces – Shoulder length hair cut with some side fringes work very well for you.  If you wear your
    hair long, ask your stylist to cut layers into the ends for an airy effect.
  • Diamond Shaped Faces – For you, almost any hairstyle that includes a part down the middle.
  • Heart Shaped Faces – Literally your face is designed perfectly to rock pixie hairstyles. Consider going with
    hairstyles that are fuller at the bottom. Lobs are a great style option, especially if you curl or wave the
    mid-lengths and ends to create volume.

If you intend to make your purchase online, consider buying from Amazon as it is the most reliable and convenient website to purchase products from. Besides its complexity and easy-to-use platform, you also get to receive your product within as little as 1-2 days. As the fashion industry does not represent high proportions, Amazon’s shipping policy for this particular niche is known to be very precise, so you are guaranteed to receive your order on time.

Moreover, Amazon made its name and reputation by focusing on client interests, which why they are the best in the business at promoting customer services. Since there are a lot of client reviews, you will most likely discover women with hair type and size similar to yours and you will know for sure which product is right for you.


Follow Along – Video Language / Transcript Below


Hey guys welcome back, so I just got my new extensions in the mail and I figured I would film it before I messed around with them, so I can show you guys the before and after.

I’m so excited I purchased them from Amazon. I feel like I could buy anything on Amazon nowadays. So, if you’ve been following my channel for a while – or you know me personally, you know that I had keratin bond glue-in extensions starting the beginning of this year. I replaced them twice and the second time I decided to buy extensions from Amazon and that did not go well at all. 

There was the keratin, the bond extensions they just kept, shedding like crazy, so I just took them out, got rid of them completely and told myself that I wouldn’t do them for a while. I just let my hair take a break, but I figured while I let my hair take a break. I would buy clip-in extensions for the meantime in case. 

We wanted to take photos at an event, because my hair is very thin now. As for the keratin bond extensions, I absolutely love them. They felt like my natural hair. They didn’t really damage my hair. If I’m being honest I just forgot, then it was when I took them out. 

I did love my keratin bond extensions. I don’t really have anything bad to say just make sure you get good quality ones, they were quality, they were soft, but they just kept. Shutting on me like crazy could have been because we cut them the bonds in half, and these just didn’t do so well. 

So whenever I brush my hair out with thick bonds, the bonds would just literally slip right out of my hair. They just slipped right out, so I just got rid of them completely, but I do love them. If I’m being completely honest in the meantime for any like photos or just for fun, I thought you know. 

Let me just get clips in extensions, so I did some research and I found lo and behold, two and got them. This isn’t my first time we’re extensions. I got these and they’re called Full Shine. These are from Amazon, I’ll link them down below. 

They have so many different styles. They have a good chunk of different styles, but I picked the ones that are that I thought would match my hair the best I did read a lot of the reviews and what people were saying and people said these are great extensions, so we will see, do Believe these are prime plus free returns and they cost me 99 dollars for the 18. 



Let me see yes, I got the 18 inch extensions just got today. They obviously come in this little thing and I took them out and they are so soft. A lot of people said that these are thick from top to bottom, the ones that I had previously from whatever company it was. I can’t remember they really really thinned out. I didn’t even wear them that much to be honest, but they would just have had so much volume here I mean like so much volume here because they were like double wafted, if not triple like one on top of the other going down.

Then at the bottom, they were just so sparse and thin that it’s just I don’t know, I just didn’t really like it, and my hair is very thin, like I said so, sometimes it’s hard to conceal, like if the wind blows up someone’s gonna say yo girl. I see your glyphs, I see ’em.

So I kind of was debating getting seamless ones. They do have those on Amazon, but I figured let me just try these and you guys I am like shocked at the color max is the extension I’m like covering my face, but honestly, how crazy is that I’d say this is so close to my hair color. 

I’m trying to clip them in to see what they look like. I know it’s gonna look really crazy right now, because my hair looks so much better when it’s curled, I just prefer extensions curled like loose waves, cuz it blends so much better. 

This is my third day here and I did apply some. It’s like three in one. If the dry shampoo, plus a texture spray plus a hair spray, it’s not, it does get rid of some oils in your hair. It does, but so, if you put too much, if you use this solely for the purpose of a dry shampoo you’re not gonna like it, I don’t think because it does can get greedy, because it is a texture, spray plus a hair spray. 

A very gentle hairspray, so it does give my hair a lot of great. I need a texture spray, especially if I’m gonna use extensions, because my hair is so soft and so fine that it would just like to pull right out. 

 This is one of the pieces and I did choose the brown clip simply because my roots are a lot darker. If you choose lighter hair, the clips will be lighter. Obviously, but, as you can see here, it has the two West’s. This is basically what it looks like.



I believe it’s ten pieces, here’s another piece with three clips, another piece with three clips: another piece with three clips. Sorry, if I sound redundant two clips another two clips and then you know your two singles, I don’t really use these.

 If I’m going. To be honest, I have less hair in the front than I do in the back, so it’s a lot easier for people to see that I’ve extensions in if I do put them in the front. So personally I don’t some people need two packages, but if you have fine and thin hair like me, this might just work. 

So there are one two, three, four, five, six seven eight pieces. Let’S start with the biggest piece and we’ll put it all the way at the bottom, I’m just gonna use my daughter’s bows. I like right there, my friend makes bows aging through so we’re just gonna clip that me brush my hair up. 

Do you see my roots are growing out? I’ve had this comb for forever. It’S like a teasing comb, as you can tell half the bristles are missing, just kind of gently brush for upward to give it something to hold on to. If I just put it in my hair, I mean be very gentle. If I just slipped it into my hair, they wouldn’t they would hold, but they would be, they would just slip out so easily, which is why I kind of tease up words very gently. 

So I kind of only tease in the areas where the clips are going to be, as you can tell my natural hair is a lot a bit more yellow than the extensions, but once you curl it, usually it’s fine, and these are 18 inch length. I’ll show you guys later, but let me just put them in and then I’ll show you the end result all right. So I put on the extensions I did not put in this piece right here, just three pieces, so I have the four piece, a three piece and another three piece.

I believe and then to the two pieces here to clip the two clips. So I didn’t use this, I could, if my hair was freshly washed. I know it’s like so gritty, so I’m just working with what I have just to see what they look like and I also did not use the singles which I you can also still use. 

If I just like teased my hair, oh there are 10 pieces, not eight, my bad, so there are four singles not two. They were just so close together now my hair looks crazy right now and don’t mind like right here just to help it blend better.



 I’m not gonna tease, I’m just gonna click these in so you guys can see so one of my hair is not freshly washed, it just easily separates, so I prefer for it to firstly wash for the sake of this video. I just wanted to show you guys what this would look like and I would like them, so these are 18 inches. 

I’ll show you guys the full shebang. They are a little bent here from the packaging. They were like a bet. This way my real hair is underneath the color match. I would say, is that totally absolutely perfect. I’m not a big fan of my hair with extensions and straight hair. It’S like a dead giveaway, so I usually like to do loose curls, but let me show you guys the back. As for color wise, I would say these are Wow amazing. 

I mean seriously perfect and they are very, very soft. I paid $ 99, basically $ 100 in our prime Plus free returns. Usually, if something is prime, it’s a bit more expensive and these are the 18 inch. Obviously the shorter ones would have been cheaper. But I figured since with time and use does kind of get a little bit shaggy and ruined. This does say hundred percent human here, but with time I feel like, I would trim them up just to keep the ends nice and fresh. So I figured it out. 

Let me start with the 18 inch and move upward. It’S a lot easier versus you can go longer if you buy 16 or 14 inch. So what I’m gonna do right now is go curl it with a really loose curls, and then I will be right back, okay guys, so this is after I curled my hair, like I said it’s still a bit gritty, so don’t really like how it’s like Separating if you’d like to know how I curl my hair or see a video, how I curl it with the extensions, I can definitely do that. I just basically wrap it around the wand and I have a think.

 If I got an inch and a half barrel of water from Sally’s, but I did really loose waves and I no curl all the way to the top. I love how it’s straight. My natural hair doesn’t really receive a lot of heat this way because my hair kind of ends here, so I only just curl the ends, so extensions are great for that, but this is what it looks like. 

I wanted to show you guys the whole full shebang. I actually am really loving them, they look, they are just like an amazing color match. They are so soft. My opinions could change, they do.

I also wanted to add you could put these in a ponytail, nothing too crazy, but if you just had like a nice tight band and kind of lifted your crown of your hair a bit to give some volume it’s virtually undetectable. If you tease it in the right places – and you have like a nice high pony and the thing that I love about these extensions, the most is that your hair at the ends is not so scraggly and thin. 

The only thing you can’t do is like pick your hair up this week. That’S what I loved about the cure to the bond extensions above such as life, you guys, so my batteries are actually dying. So it’s perfect timing. Here’s a close-up of my blonde hair again with the extensions you’ll see a clip here, as you can tell it really really matches the roots.

 I would say this is a great color match and I did read reviews where people sent in their own photos and asked shiny here. What they call fall here, well shine shine where they sent in their own photos and asked for the company to kind of give them color magical extensions they think would be best, and if you want thicker widths or anything, they could also customize it. 

For an extra charge, so this company sounds like a great sorry. I keep touching my hair, I’m just I love it. I really do so. This is a great option if you don’t just like. Obviously, if I also whip out something like these, the super long luscious hair, you’re gonna know they’re wearing extensions, but I think it’s fun. It’s not something that I would wear every single day, just because I don’t want them weighing down on my hair so much because my hair is fine and then you do have to be careful with that. 

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