The Best 24 Inch Micro Braiding Hair – Why Hair Quality Matters

Hair Quality Matters If You’re Wanting
The Best 24 Inch Micro Braiding Hairstyles!

Micro braiding hairstyles, especially the 24 inch length, is one of the most popular fashion statements today. But you’re not really sure what if this beautiful style will look on you?  Your not even sure which type of hair weave you will need to make this style most flattering.

If you don’t know and are new to the process of hair weaves and human hair extension are basically a simple way to add almost instantly add both length and fullness to your natural hair. It gives you a very natural longer and even thicker look if you want that. Hair extensions are typically done through clipping, gluing or sewing the natural hair with additional synthetic or human hair to bring  out the style you want.

The most popular and effective methods to add weaves and hair extensions to your natural hair involves using a clip-ins, a clip-on extension,a tape-in extensions methods. There is also the weaving method, and the fusion method for long lasting results.

Amazon is a great source to find the exact type, style, color and brand of human hair you need to get the micro braiding hairstyle you want. With vendors from around the globe making their unique products available there Amazon you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find exactly what you’ll need.

The micro braid hair usually formed by linking three or more hair stand. Globally, Ladies have worn the micro braid for several years. There are several reasons why micro braid hair is worn. The main reasons include: like weave protect ladies’ hair from damage hence maintain its natural form. Additionally, the micro braid hair enables the ladies’ hair to grow longer with little disturbances.

Importantly, your hair can be easily managed primarily during extreme activities; such activities are welding, gym, office work, and even at school. These activities require maximum attention and full concentration, made achievable by the use of 24 inch micro braiding hair , which has minimal disturbance facial area.

The human braid hair can either be a virgin, free from processed chemical or synthetically made, made from processed chemicals..24 inch micro braiding hair can be grouped into two main categories, the weaves and hair extension.

There are different hair weaves that completely change the outlook of the ladies. The human weave occurs in a different form this is; Brazilian hair weave, virgin Indian hair weaves, and Peruvian hair weaves among, etc. Additionally, the weaves are formed in different styles, the straight hairstyle, body weave, curly hair, and loose hair wave.

Human hair extension is now a popularly trending hairstyle as it is easily accessible and occurs in style options. Ladies like the long hair extension, saying they make them love sexy, feminine, and, more importantly, beautiful. Additionally, since not or women are blessed with long hair, then the human extension is their best option.

Human hair extension occurs in different styles; for example, it can clip hair extension, tape in hair extensions string/rope hair extension, among others. Most ladies popularly like the clip hair extension as it is the best for micro braiding hair. The clip hair extension is packed in 8 pieces and occurs in different beautiful and impressive colors raging from back, brown, chocolate brown. It is long enough 24- inch long.

For ladies with short hair or who cannot grow the hair up to 60 cm long . Then the clip extension micro braid hair is the best alternative. The 24 inch micro braiding hair can reach up to the ladies’ hips. This makes them feel more alive and beautiful. Additionally, the human hair extension occurs in different patterns, which make it more impressive and attractive; these patterns are curly, straight, and wave hair.

Averagely, the human hair extension can last for a period range of 4 to eight weeks if one takes good care of it. On the other hand, the human hair weave, if taken proper care it can last for up to one year.

Here is a hair styling secret that might surprise you. You really need to identify what shape your face is. That will help you pick a hairstyle that will fit your look and style. Once you know what shape your face fits into, then it becomes a lot easier to find the right hairstyle that will give you the look you want.


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Here is a chart that can help you determine your face shape. Not the white shapes each face represents.

Knowing your face shape gives you a huge advantage when it comes finding the best hairstyles!

Ultimately, no matter how you feel about the shape of your face, there are many types of haircuts that you can wear to make you look your very best. Still you can get the perfect hair cut that is styled exactly how you wanted it, yet it will still leave you disappointed with the way you look with it.

The key to a flattering hairstyle, wig or human hair weave pattern is choosing the ones that create the illusion that you have the perfect face, instead of the perfect hairstyle. You see, there are hair styles that can help make a round face appear longer, a long face appear wider, or a square jaw line will appear softer. There are also hairstyle designs that seem to make large foreheads simply disappear.

When you know your face shape, a beautician can then give you the hairstyle that will have you excited every time.

Here are some great details on what looks go with certain face shapes:

  • Round Faces – Ladies with a round face look  most beautiful with long hair that makes their face stand out.
    If you like medium-length hair, keep the length just below your jawline, which will elongate the roundness
  • Oval Faces – We recommend styling your mid length hair styles. This face shape works with almost any
    type of short hair cut from super short, to chin length or shoulder length.
  • Square Faces – Shoulder length hair cut with some side fringes work very well for you.  If you wear your
    hair long, ask your stylist to cut layers into the ends for an airy effect.
  • Diamond Shaped Faces – For you, almost any hairstyle that includes a part down the middle.
  • Heart Shaped Faces – Literally your face is designed perfectly to rock pixie hairstyles. Consider going with
    hairstyles that are fuller at the bottom. Lobs are a great style option, especially if you curl or wave the
    mid-lengths and ends to create volume.


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Moreover, Amazon made its name and reputation by focusing on client interests, which why they are the best in the business at promoting customer services. Since there are a lot of client reviews, you will most likely discover women with hair type and size similar to yours and you will know for sure which product is right for you.


Follow Along – Video Language / Transcript Below


Hi, guys, welcome back I’m going to be talking all about my micro beaded, hair extensions. Now I got these exceptions from Amazon, so they were pretty affordable and I will talk to you guys about the quality of these hair extensions and the brand of these hair extensions. 

How many packs you need to do a full head of hair like to make it blend and look good, and I’m also going to compare these hair extensions with my tape in Amazon hair extensions? Well, I keep seeing extensions and so on, but whatever you guys get the point, so we’re gonna be talking a lot about semi-permanent hair extensions. 

I’m gonna be giving you guys pricing which the prices are actually not bad at all. It was so affordable. Did I say affordable like a thousand times already, it probably did so. I’m gonna show you guys how to install these hair extensions. 

My sister and I try to flog us installing at these hair extensions, so we can like explaining it to you guys and I broke it down and it’s pretty simple and self-explanatory, but I will be showing you guys how to install these extensions as well. So I hope you guys are excited for this video, if you are don’t forget, to give this video a big thumbs up, and let’s just do this boo-boo.



Let me start off with these hair extensions. 

These hair extensions are from Amazon and they’re from the company. More so hair, I will link these extensions down in my description box as well.If you guys want to check these out, you guys can totally check these extensions out. 

These extensions were not sent to me. I personally bought these extensions on my own with my own money and I just really wanted to try out micro beaded, hair extensions, so these extensions are 20 inches long and I’m going to show you guys how long they are. It goes really low and they’re really long. 

I got these extensions in the shade, which is black. I wanted it to be super black, because my natural hair is black. Even though I got some red pieces in my hair, I still feel like it blends pretty. Well into my hair, I washed these hair extensions and let me tell you about the Koala of these extensions that he purchased from Amazon.

 They are simply amazing, like they do not tangle, they do not shed it’s so easy to blow dry. These hair extensions air dry after they are washed into a beautiful, loose wave, and these are the more so 20 inch micro, bead human hair extensions.

These come in 50 grams per pack, each pack costs $ 42 and 26 cents. Each of the micro bead strands is one gram of hair, so this is how like one strand looks like I don’t know if you guys can see that I had to put one up in my bag, because my hair is short, and I wanted to kind of, Like get rid of my bang, but this is basically how this man looks like, and this is just one strand. So each strand is one gram of hair and you get 50 pieces in each pack. I purchased 5 packs here. 

So that’s 250 grams of hair, because that’s usually how thick my clip-in extensions are. So I just want to make sure that it blends into my hair. I did not use all of the 5 packs in my hair, since my hair is finer and thinner and I didn’t really need all 5 packs. 

I used four and a half packs like I am obsessed with these hair extensions at how soft they are and how manageable they are and how beautifully they are dry, and I can’t believe that I only paid two hundred and eleven dollars and some change fell. 

This hair now I did check out the reviews on this hair extension brand and all the reviews were super positive. Everyone loved these hair extensions and everyone was raving about them. So I was like I have to try these out. 


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So you already know my sister and a CC partner in crime. We ordered ten packs of hair all together and we paid for expedited shipping. So for two heads we paid about 400 to 500 dollars. That is just for the extensions. I also bought the pliers, the tool that you need in order to clamp these hair extensions on now. 

This will all make sense once you guys see me applying these hair extensions and to my sisters here, you guys will see the process of how to install these and these installation wise are so easy. I feel like there’s so much easier than taping extensions, and it’s actually, I feel like it’s a lot better for your hair, like it does not rip and pull on your hair like tape ends. 

One thing, though I have to mention, is: if you take a shower at night, you can’t just leave your hair wet and go to sleep. That is how you create mold and fungus. You have to make sure that your extensions are super dry before you tie your hair or go to sleep or any of that good stuff, because your hair needs to like breathing. You know it needs to be air dried, it needs to be dry, you don’t want any mold in your hair. So beware where these extension styles are so easy to style. 

They are not snotty at all. They’re like, if you think you got a tangle in it, you just go in with a brush and it just comes right out. These extensions are so soft and so manageable. To be honest, I was a little shocked because of the price. I love that these hair extensions really do last in your hair, they’re semi-permanent, so they last and you can reuse those hair extensions. 

Yes, boo, boo, I said you can reuse these hair extensions. So once your hair kind of grows out, the bead will kind of go lower. You can basically open it up with the little clamp er. I’M going to show you guys in a minute and take out the hair extension and then put it back into your head. So these hair extensions are reasonable. You, as long as you take care of them, I feel like they would last you for a good year or two. I felt like my Amazon tape in hair extensions. Have nothing on these hair extensions like Amazon tape and hair extensions after a while, they got super super naughty and I had to take them out. So I installed these hair extensions a week and a half ago, and I got the clips on how I install them. 

So, let’s roll those clips, so you guys can learn how to install them as well. So what we’re gonna need is a rat tail comb. A paddle brush, so the hair doesn’t get knotted some pliers for the hair extensions and then we have five packs of hair because we like our hair to be super thick and the hair we’re using. 

Let me grab it and show you guys are calling more so tangle, free hair extensions, it’s supposed to be a hundred percent real human hair and we’re gonna try this out. We got this from Amazon. This is the micro-loop ring, hair extensions. Obviously you’re gonna need Clips to suction out your hair and then with our tools. 

We got this, but we’re not gonna use it. Since our links already have micro loops, if they didn’t, we would have had to use this tool. So let’s do this, and I also want to mention that you’re gonna need to flat iron. Your hair, before you apply your extensions, but I sectioned off my clients hair and I left some hair in the back so when she wants to put her hair up, her micro links are not showing and we’re gonna take really small, clean sections. 

I saw some videos on YouTube that people were taking clumps of hair and that’s unacceptable, so make sure you’re taking as much as the hair is on the strand, so you’re gonna basically measure it to the hair strand and make sure it’s as thick as a Strand of hair that you’re putting on you don’t want her hair to be held on to a thin piece of string. So imagine I just took this big of a section. I put a little clip.

 It’s just gonna look wrong and she’s not gonna be able to put her hair up. It’S gonna be nappy for her. I’M gonna hold a little loop in between my fingers. Kind of like this. I’M a section of the hair, make sure it’s as thick as I need it to be open. 

With my finger put the hair inside the clear part super self-explanatory, then pull this part down and hold the hair. All the way up, I’m gonna make sure it’s all the way up to her not to her root but high enough and then I’m going to secure the bead super easy super self-explanatory, so thick 20 inches goes best down all her back. You cannot even tell what she has extensions in her hair. You don’t even see it. You can’t even tell like it’s amazing. It looks so freaking good and it’s so thick. We love so real, quick.


 I’m gonna install one piece of these hair extensions, even though you should be doing this on your own, because you’re not gonna be able to get the back of your head. I am a licensed cosmetologist. I did take a class on this, so I’m gonna show you guys how to put one extension in your hair. 

This is pretty self-explanatory and you do this throughout your whole, entire head and you’re gonna take this part, which is the clear part of the hair extensions. It just makes your life so easy, and I’m just gonna pick up the section of my hair. I’M not gonna section out to what thickness of a piece. So it’s not that thick, but it’s not super thin. 

So I got a small section of hair right and I’m gonna take this loop kind of put my finger inside of it like this. I’M going to put the loop inside my hair, so now the loop is inside my hair and there is a bead inside this hair. 

It’s like a black bead, I’m just going to pull on it. Now, when I pull on this bead, it’s gonna bring up my hair inside the micro extensions and it’s gon na pull out my hair and put it basically inside the micro loop. This is my actual hair, so a little tip is to hold on to your actual hair, just in case the micro bead it slides down. 

You could just pull that need back up into position and then you’re going to secure the bead. I just clamp it in super quick super easy. I hope it makes a little bit more sense now on how to apply these hair extensions. 

It’s super quick super easy and once you get the hang of it, I promise you you got this, so I hope I made sense on how I installed these hair extensions. If you guys have more questions on how to install these hair extensions, let me know in the comments and down below it only took me an hour and 30 minutes to do my sister’s hair and she used five packs of hair extensions.

 It wasn’t bad at all and once you get the hang of it.

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