Milky Way Wet and Wavy Human Hair For Braiding

Milky Way Wet and Wavy Human Hair For Braiding is one of the more popular braiding hair for many reasons but is it right for you? The easy answer unfortunately is not a black and white answer because it depends on the type of braided look you are going for.

However, the Milk Way hair has proven to be the right answer for many different hairstyles. We cover the more popular styles in this article and you might be surprised by what you discover about the Milk Way hair brand.

Hair styling is a daily journey, and people are always in pursuit of new hair styling trends to remain at the top of their game.

In this article, we shall be answering the question, what are the three best types of braid hair designs that can be created with milky way wet and wavy human hair for braiding?

Is Milky Way The Best Wet and Wavy Human Hair For Braiding?

Milky Way hair Weaves are made from human hair. Milky way wet hair is very soft and supple and has an excellent luster. So, now it’s time to checkout this brand in more detail. I think you’re going to like what you see below.

1. Milky Way Super Bulk.

This style is made from human wet and wavy hair for braiding, and these extensions are not positioned onto a weft/track. The fact that this braiding is not placed on a weft means there’s no need to cut your hair.

Milky Way super bulk is very convenient and quite easy to maintain. You only need to add water and admire the lively curls pop up to life every time! With a lot of styling alternatives that can be attained, your look looks refreshed every time. This hair is not likely to tangle. However, it is essential to take care while washing it. Do not overdo the washing as this can lead to the formation of tangles in between strands.

2. Crocheting Milky Way wet and wavy human hair for braiding.

Crocheting style is the first to resolve the disturbance of slippage and unsecured loops with various elastic rubber band styles. The standard and pre-looped style allow you to do a speedy & quite an easy installation. With this style, tangling is unheard of.

3. Milky Way Que Human Hair Blend Braiding Hair Water Bulk 18″.

This Milky Way hairstyle does not have that film on it that makes your scalp it. You do not need to wash before you get it styled. It dries out immediately after you wash your hair. Deep conditioning brings up the shine back. Imagine all the fun with the easy and quick steps in washing, in addition to the fact that there is no tangling.


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The hair maintenance steps are quite straightforward.

You first need to condition and wash your hair. Be sure to apply dry shampoo amidst the washes.

Moisturize your natural hair regularly. To avoid messing up your braids, wear a satin bonnet or scarf before going to bed.

All the styles, as mentioned earlier, are quite pocket-friendly and durable. A single piece may go for as low as between 8 and 15 dollars. For some of the high-end styles, they may cost you as much as 30 or more.

These braids come in various grades, which include.

  • Brazilian hair.
  • Indian hair.
  • European hair.
  • Chinese hair.
  • Remy hair.
  • Non-Remy hair.

Remember that the best way to get a fabulous look that magnifies your appearance is to take the weave to an expert hairstylist and have her style it after it is fixed. It is vital to look directly in the mirror to see anything that could make the fullness of your hair  more noticeable.

All the best as you prepare to install your new or first wavy hairstyle, good luck!



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Milky Way offers the widest selection of alternatives of prime quality human hair merchandise with over a hundred and fifty styles and one hundred fifty colors. They makes use of only the best tresses to make certain your completely satisfied with the hair you buy.

Caring Instruction:

  • Wash your hair clean and dry it utterly before applying the weave.
  • When washing, use gently flowing water and do not rub vigorously.
  • To preserve recent, curly & wet seem, follow gel, mousse, or oil sheen.
  • Oil sheen shouldn’t be used for bonded weaves because the oil may cause weaves to slip out.
  • When combing, normally comb bottom of hair first and work your method as much as the root.
  • When it comes time to remove the hair weave consult your  experienced beautician.

For Curly Hair:

  • Do not brush your hair when it is dry
  • Do not use blow drier your hair.
  • Use a larger-toothed comb or your fingers at the same time hair is moist.



Milky Way Natural Super Bulk(wet and wavy)braid

Guys this is Karen’s and this is actually my first YouTube video, so I’m here to review this new hair that I got installed. 

I absolutely love it. It’s funny. I actually ordered this hair about four months ago and I was skeptical about using it. I mean it’s wet and wavy and it’s a human hair and synthetic blend, so I wasn’t sure how it would look, but I have to say I am in love.

So I’ve noticed that they don’t have any reviews. No one’s made reviews about this hair on and the braiding version. There’s about a few videos of the weave one so they have it on reviewing the Milky Way.


It’s Q by Milky Way the human hair sorry, the natural super bulk, it’s 18 inches in the 1lb. I absolutely love this hair, I have to say I will be using it again.

I’ve been using Milky Way for about five years or so, so I usually always get this here installed. Um again it is wet and wavy so um, it’s 18 inches. Let’s turn around and show you what it looks like: I’m 5/3, and it still looks so long.  

Alright, pros and cons right now. I have no negative comments to be honest. Oh actually, I guess there can be a con. You have to use glue at the end, unless your braid’er is good at making knots and it stays.  My braid’er, she made a knot and it didn’t stay, so please use glue so you don’t have to go back to your hairdresser and waste your time again.


Pros it’s easy to maintain. I don’t like to put products in my hair, so I feel like it will last longer. If you don’t I just use a spray bottle. It just has water, that’s it, just spray it in the morning.

I’ve put mousse in this hair the first time I had it installed. I’ve had it in for like four days now. That’s four days, got it done on Sunday, um yeah, I just spray it, since I already put mousse on it on Sunday.

I figured each time I re-wet it. The mousse is already in there yeah. This is what it looks like when you wet it. At first one when it’s installed. It is a bit puffy, but don’t get intimidated by that. Soon as you re wet it it’ll control itself.


I used three and a half packs. Each pack will come with four of these little bundles. So four packs is enough. Obviously it depends on what you like, if you like big hair or you like it lite.  The hair is lightweight. So either way you are good with this hair. 

I think that’s it about this hair. It is pretty easy to do a review when you really like the product. When the hair looks as good as this it makes it easy for me to love it too.

If you guys have any questions, please comment below it’s amazing, I’m so happy that I end up growing some balls and just trying it oh yeah. I love it. I’ll put on the information about where you can get the hair below. 

If you have any questions again, please comment and let me know what you guys want me to review. Okay, give you another spin. This is the hair, alright guys! Well, that’s it for today see you again bye.


Milky Way Natural Super Bulk(wet and wavy)braid update!

Hi everyone it’s Kay, I’m back to do the two month update on the milky way natural super bulk. As you can see it still looks great I absolutely love this hair.  I will be using again next summer.

I’m going to be taking a break from braids um if you know me I braid my hair all year round so I’m gonna take a break and start using some wigs and take care of my hair better in a few days.

I’ll be putting some videos up I bought for wigs lace fronts so stay tuned for that.  Again the hair looks great as you can see for yourself.



And finally, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a look at how the Milk Way hair looks “without” adding the mousse to give it that wet look:


Oh, hey you guys, Jessica day again and I’m coming to you with another video, and this time this video is going to be about the hair that I’m wearing right now.

So last week I posted a picture of me wearing this hair and I got so many comments on what type of hair it was that I was wearing, is that Brazilian is a Peruvian? So today I’m just coming to you with my secret. I have nothing to hide. I’m down to share with the girls. 

Okay, so believe it or not, this is not Brazilian hair and it is not Peruvians – It’s Remy and  like Remy is not even human hair. This is synthetic hair and this hair is by Q by Milky Way is a master mix.

That’s what the package looks like, so it comes with four different types of bundles and it comes with the closure, and this style is called the DIO 5 Piece(Long). 

So I had purchased two of these, but I only used like one and a half packs. It’s been in about two weeks. I installed the hair and then I just cut it. I didn’t want any of my hair outside so I decided to do a Chinese bang and I just cut it and layered it.


Now when you first get the hair, it’s not as voluptuous or when you get the hair and put it in first. You kind of look like a wet puppy just to be honest, because I did not like my hair when I first installed this.

With curly hair, especially with synthetic curly hair, once it gets older, to me, it seems like it looks better and this is how I look.

Every night before I go to bed, I just take a part of it and I just twist it and just put it up in my bonnet and then in the morning just take little pieces of the curls and just pull them apart and just you know, shake and go. That’s basically what it is. It’s a shake and go.

Okay, so that’s my secret ladies. And if you want it big, like mine, make sure you get two packs. One pack was enough, but it wouldn’t be as full as this so yeah. If you want to be big, if you want to get your Chaka Khan on make sure you get two packs okay.

Alright, ladies, so thank you for watching this video and checkout Amazon if you are ready to get that new beautiful hairstyle now.



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