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So, you want the best hair style that last that will have you looking beautiful. But you’re not really sure what human hair weave all in one pack best fits you?  Keep reading because in this article I will show you exactly how to find the look that is right for you.

If you don’t know and are new to the process briefly put, hair weaves or hair extensions are meant to add both length and fullness to someone’s natural hair. It basically means you use either artificial or natural human hair to make yours longer and even thicker if you want. Hair extensions are typically done through clipping, gluing or sewing the natural hair with additional synthetic or human hair.

The most utilized methods for such procedures are clip in and clip-on extensions, tape-in extensions, the weaving method, and the fusion method.

Amazon is a great source to find the exact type, style, color and brand of human hair you need. With vendors from around the globe making their unique products available there.

Being an affiliate of Amazon I’m happy to tell people about the great products and services they provide in the beauty and hair care department. Because when I do earn a commission from the links to Amazon that I provide for you I know it’s because I took the time to help someone find the best deal available.

Now, speaking of human hair weave all in one packs, it means you get a whole pack containing multiple pcs lengths of HUMAN hair. With an all in one pack, you get to test and determine which size suits your hair so you won’t have to order another hair weave if you got it wrong. You estimate what hair sizes you need and order the best human hair weave all in one pack with enough hair pcs to find one to match your length. You can search for the best one pack solution weave and pick your hair type, color, shape, and size. If you want, there are countless options like one pack solution with lace closure to choose from.

Here is the fact that might surprise you. You really need to identify what shape your face is. That will help you pick a hairstyle that will fit your look and style. Once you know what shape your face fits into, then it becomes a lot easier to find the right hairstyle that will give you the look you want.


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Here is a chart that can help you determine your face shape. Not the white shapes each face represents.

Here are some great details on what looks go with certain face shapes:

  • Round Faces – Ladies with a round face look  most beautiful with long hair that makes their face stand out.
    If you like medium-length hair, keep the length just below your jawline, which will elongate the roundness
  • Oval Faces – We recommend styling your mid length hair styles. This face shape works with almost any
    type of short hair cut from super short, to chin length or shoulder length.
  • Square Faces – Shoulder length hair cut with some side fringes work very well for you.  If you wear your
    hair long, ask your stylist to cut layers into the ends for an airy effect.
  • Diamond Shaped Faces – For you, almost any hairstyle that includes a part down the middle.
  • Heart Shaped Faces – Literally your face is designed perfectly to rock pixie hairstyles. Consider going with
    hairstyles that are fuller at the bottom. Lobs are a great style option, especially if you curl or wave the
    mid-lengths and ends to create volume.


If you intend to make your purchase online, consider buying from Amazon as it is the most reliable and convenient website to purchase products from. Besides its complexity and easy-to-use platform, you also get to receive your product within as little as 1-2 days. As the fashion industry does not represent high proportions, Amazon’s shipping policy for this particular niche is known to be very precise, so you are guaranteed to receive your order on time.

Moreover, Amazon made its name and reputation by focusing on client interests, which why they are the best in the business at promoting customer services. Since there are a lot of client reviews, you will most likely discover women with hair type and size similar to yours and you will know for sure which product is right for you.

On top of everything, by promoting the best customer services, Amazon automatically had to provide affordable prices for everyone and every product. You can find the best one pack solution weave at the lowest price in the market, being one of the few companies that can offer you a proper one pack solution with lace closure at a good price.


 5 piece (One Pack Solution) 100% Human Hair-Loose Wave – Video Knowledge


Thanks for tuning in qtepiee88,  I’m coming to you guys with another hair review. 

This hair review will be sponsored by Model Model hair fashions that I’m going to review today. The Model Model Clean hair. This will be the first video on YouTube about this hair. So I’m super excited. Like I said, it’s the Model Model Clean Hair. This hair is 100 % human hair. You can bleach it, perm it, dye it, anything that you want, because it is human hair. 


This a one box solution. Basically, one box does your whole head. It comes with four bundles and one circle closure. So one box can truly do your whole head. So, like I said, four bundles and one circle closure um. 

The color that I received is the color natural and one pack holds four bundles, like I previously said. The lengths of those bundles vary between 8 inches and 14 inches. So it’s not really exact, it is  just between 8 inches and 14 inches. That is what I currently have installed in my hair. 

So let’s just go ahead and get into it. This hair is installed one a dunk cap. This is a wig. I did not sew in this hair.  What I did was install it on a dome cap and what I did was I made it into sort of like a U part wig, so you know, you just put the tracks on the cap. 

I did use every piece of hair with the unpack as well as the closure. The way I did the sewing on the cap is, I use the sort of invisible method so where I stitch the weft like this, but then I use smaller pieces to go this way and then I use a circle closure at this part right here. 

The reason why I use that method is because I was going to try to make an invisible part wig to where you didn’t have to cut the cap to leave your hair out, but it ended up not working. So you know I ended up with the invisible. You know part method with the web stone up like this and then the circle closure right here at the end of the part – and I just ended up having to leave some of my hair out. 

So, let’s get into this color you guys the color is the color natural. Now, when I received the bundle, I was really shocked to see how light the hair was. 

This hair is mega color number four, I’m not sure. If um, the color varies between packs, but this is very very light to be a natural color. It does come in natural and natural dark, so I did not specify that when I let them know what hair I wanted to review for this.

Again it does come in three styles, which is bohemian loose deep which is the one I have. One of them is deep wave, so then there is Deep Wave, Lucidi and Bohemian Curls, so they come in three types.

I decided on the loose deep because I just thought the wave was so beautiful but, like I said this color is really really bright. It’s like another color number. Maybe four and I’m really not used to that color, but I really learned to love the color. It probably brings out my skin tone. 

My husband said that as well and a lot of people had been complimenting me on this hair about the color and the wave pattern. I love the wave pattern of this hair. This is the natural wave pattern that it came in. All I have done is maybe comb it with my wide, toothed comb or with my hands, but that’s about it.

So what I had to do, because the hair was so light and my hair was so dark, was that I ended up spraying the roots of the wig with dark hair spray. That way it can give me a sort of mixed effect. You don’t want your dark hair to just be laying on this light-colored hair. So what I did was I didn’t end up. I improvised. I sprayed some dark hair color near the root of the actual wig and sprayed it on my hair because it was already dark. 

So I sprayed it on the roots of the wind and I brought it down to maybe this far and then now it looks like I have a smooth effect to where it’s a dark transitioning into light. It’s not just my black hair sitting on top of light hair, so it ended up working, really really well um.

I have not had  to do anything to this hair. The only thing I may have done was help blend my own hair with the weave, so what I did was – and this is a tip if you like to blend your own hair with waving weaves.

What you want to do. You know, you take a piece of your hair out, but you also take a piece of the actual weave, if it is 100 % human hair, you want to join together a piece of the weave, as well as a piece of your hair, and then you want to wrap it around the curling iron or flat iron or curling of one and then curl it. 

You do want to want to curl your hair out separate from the weave because it really makes it difficult to blend it if you do not. So I find that if you grab a piece of your own hair and as well as a piece of some hair extension curl it together, you end up with a more satisfactory result. 

I did go to work today. I’ve actually been wearing this hair for a few days now, I’m about three days now and I’ve been wearing it to work everyday, so the curls they really haven’t fallen. I can see some of the straighter pieces now but because I’ve used my curling wand, to help blend my own hair in with the weave it doesn’t show much but some pieces are a little bit straight.

But as far as the rest of the hair, the curl has really stayed really nicely. I’ve just been finger combing this or combing it with my wide tooth comb to keep it looking nice.

Let’s get into things like shedding and tangling. When I tell you, I have not had any tangling. This hair is so silky smooth, it is gorgeous. I don’t get any snags and it pops, this hair is not dry, it is silky and smooth. I mean it is just beautiful, like I said, I’ve been wearing it for three days. You know it’s been scorching hot outside in Florida. You know with the heat around here like 99 to 100 degrees and then with it being out in the sun it has not fried this hair at all. 



As far as shedding virtually non-existent.  I did use a fold-over method, except for the pieces at the top. So I did use a fold-over method in the back and I think that does minimize shedding so shedding tangling none even at the nape. It is so smooth, but you won’t believe how teeny this hair is, but, like I said, the only thing that surprised me was the color of the natural hair. 

I really don’t have any complaints other than the color but that’s really not a complaint. I think it is really beautiful on me. I really really like it. I’m learning to like it a lot, so I don’t count that as a con at all. 

Like I said, I did use every piece that came in the pack one of my suggestions is if you do want a very full look like the look on on the models picture. I definitely would use maybe one and a half or two packs, and I would just double what I have here.

If you do a sew-in I would double weft it and I think that would be so beautiful, but this is a more natural density right now with one packed solution. I mean you can kind of comb it out and make it a little bit fuller, maybe kind of tease the hair, make it a little bit fuller. Maybe at the roots will do it and tease it and comb it out. But of course, if you do use more than one pack, you will get that full, really really full look. 

So here are the waves, like I said I have been wearing it for a few days, so this is not a fresh install, but what I like about this is that I can wear a side part on each side or middle part. I sewed two cones right here and one in the back, so it is super secure, it’s not going anywhere and it really looks like a true sew in… So that was my review. 


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What Is Human Hair Weave? 

A human hair weave is a kind of hair extension hairstyle method where hair wefts are stitched onto braided hair and styled to the preferred manner desired.

The good thing about a great hair weave, and exactly why it’s this type of popular hair styling method that looks so great when done properly is that it is undetectable from your own natural hair.

It typically depends upon your hair texture and also the style you’re searching to accomplish a great look and the hair styling itself determines how blended hair is going to look using the extensions for your overall seamless look.

There are various methods to install elegant a hair weave, one of the ways this process is generally used would be to create custom Black wigs varying from color, volume, and texture.

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