Braiding With Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair – What Works Better?

Is Braiding With Human Hair
Better Than Using Synthetic Hair?

box braids mediumWhen it comes to whats better for braiding hair between real human hair or synthetic hair that isn’t real hair it maybe be more complicated than you might think.

The reason is that it depends on what you are wanting to achieve with your look and style. In this article we are going to cover the two most important factors you need to know before you decide to buy your hair weave.

This is something you really need to plan out. Let me explain.

If you’re looking for a really natural blending of hair weave in with your own natural hair is totally different than if you are wanting to highlight your natural hair. Meaning you aren’t going for a hairstyle where people can’t tell that you have weave or hair extensions.

In this case, you may choose which brand of synthetic hair gives you the color to achieve the look you want that cost less.

The second consideration is durability, as in, how long will the hairstyle last. It is true that natural human hair can last as long as one full year, but braids, not matter natural or not, will only last for about 8 weeks. That means you will lose the benefit of longevity by going with human hair for your braids.

Amazon actually has a large selection of both synthetic and natural hair bundles that can be used for hair weaves or braids. I’m providing my affiliate link below so you can take a look:


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In the particular case if you are adding bolder, unnatural color to your hairstyle, no one is going to believe that your hair is naturally blue, orange, purple or whatever fashionable color you will be wanting to use so it wouldn’t make sense to buy natural human hair if you want to add strands of color to your braids.

I’ve got more details that will help you decide coming up but at this point if you’re wanting hair braids that look 100% natural then real human hair is the way to go. Otherwise even a quality synthetic hair extension or bundles can still give you a natural look at a lower cost. Scroll down for a more complete review of your choices.


Below Is A Useful Chart You Can Use For Your Natural or Synthetic Hair Questions In General

Top Questions
Looks natural because it is natural but
it comes at a higher price.
Higher grade synthetic hair looks very natural
and almost as good as Human hair extensions.

How long do they last?

Approximately 1 year (with proper care) Approximately 1-3 months
Can your hairstyle be changed using hot curlers or rollers? Just like your own hair, because it is real hair, it can be styled using various heating tools. When it comes to hair wigs both can be cut to a new style. No in general as synthetic hair melts. Their are higher grade synthetics that are more heat resistant but their price is as high as buying real human hair.

Which is best for a special or one time event?

Human hair works great at most events. However you will loose your look and have to restyle as events such as pool parties. Synthetic is great for short term use if you are simply want a special look for a short time because of it’s lower price point it will make it more affordable.
Which is more durable?  As far as dealing with weather conditions such as rain and wanting to keep your style intake. Human hair reacts to getting wet just as your hair normally would. Meaning if you get it wet you will loose your styling. Synthetic does not absorb moisture very well, if at all. Therefore they style you have will remain during rainy or wet conditions.

Can you  change the color?

 Yes. As long as it is 100% Human hair you can change the color and styling to suite your desires. No. Color treating will ruin your synthetic hair beyond repair.
Which cost more?  Human hair because of it’s natural look and the fact that it is real hair makes it more flexibility when it comes to restyling. It’s also last up to 4 times longer when properly cared for.  All of this comes with  at a higher cost. Synthetic hair has a shorter lifespan and other limitations. The good news is that it still looks beautiful and blends in seamlessly with your own hair to give you an almost 100% natural look. Plus it can be purchased at a lower price.



No doubt, human hair extensions are getting more popular among young women because of its diversity. It provides young adults or teens the desired length and stylish look they want more easily. One can choose braiding hair as per her preference to get a new look both with the human hair or synthetic hair.

Pros of Braiding With Human Hair:

Natural human hair is much more comfortable to use in many hair extensions and has natural looks as if your own, You can easily perm, dye or bleach in many ways among them sew-in, fusion, glue-in or clip-in are the popular ones still by your own choice and selection.

Comparatively the human hair last long than synthetic hair brands, and as mentioned previously they last up to one year  but it needs special care and regular maintenance just like your own hair.

When it comes to the natural hair it mostly means the more popular Remy hair.  The quality is better, the hair is smooth, sleek, free of tangles and can match with your hair color without any trouble.

Mostly, they are collected from Brazil, Malaysia, Italy or India and usually virgin hair which means it is free of chemical processing. Human hair is heat-friendly, which literally means you can style them using heating tools in as many ways as you want.They also can be color-treated, so you can have the hair color you like most.


Cons of Braiding With Synthetic Hair:

It really comes down to paying more money than you have to for a short term hairstyle that braid are as they generally only last a couple of months before they have to be redone or removed.

Pros of Braiding With Synthetic Hair:

The big positive is that a wider range of options are available, and you can select which goes best with you. For short term hair extension, synthetic hair is preferable.It can fit still in the rainy day and humidity.Provide you comfortable feelings, as it slips far less than the real hair.Price ranges is lower than the human hair approximately $50 to $200, means they’re more affordable for most people.

Cons of Braiding With Synthetic Hair:

Synthetic hair brands in generally, commonly are not heat-friendly or color-treated and do not last as long as real hair. However, they do last longer than the normal braiding processes wears off so it is ideal for  braiding.


Hair Extensions – Video Knowledge


Welcome back to my channel is Chicago best Panna and today I’m gonna be showing you guys how I do to feed and braids on short straight hair, and I chose this texture because a lot of you guys have expressed to me that you are having issues with hair, like sticking out of your braids, and I feel like on short hair, this is super common and it’s even more common on straight hair. 

I do feel like textured hair is a little easier to blend in, but you guys can still get the same problems, and so I’m going to be giving out some tips on how to prevent that from happening. 

So the product that I’m using in this video to define my parts and to achieve these braids is the red shine and jam. 

It was the magic fingers, clap and I have talked about this product before I absolutely love it, and it’s definitely one of my favorite products to braid with, but I currently haven’t been using it just because the price increase and my local Beauty Supply – and it’s not Cost-Effective for me, because I’m usually pretty much booked every single week and I use a lot of product when I braid. 

So it’s now like $ 13 for the big bottle and just compared to the yellow, shine and Jim. It’s expensive for me. So I have switched back to the yellow shining Jam, but if you haven’t tried out this red one yet I do highly recommend it because it is a freaking bomb. 

So I go ahead and I pull each side of the part with the product. I parted down the middle and I also put a little bit of the product down the middle, and I like to part down the middle just to help me stitch better and also it’s a lot easier to just control the hair that is going into the braid along the edges. 

I kind of like a rough draft of what I want the edges to look like, but that is going to change as you start to pull hair in. I said it’s kind of just like a rough draft just to see where I want to actually pull that hair in if your client wants to have some type of cute design on her edges. 

So I definitely feel like the key to getting two really sleek feet in braids is definitely using the product and I feel like it could be done on straight hair without using a product, but when you’re working on textured hair, if you want them to be sleek. 

Yes, I definitely feel like you need to use the product unless maybe you’re flat, ironing your clients hair, which I’ve said this on a lot of videos. 

I don’t ever ask my clients to flat iron their hair, so for this video in particular – and I am smearing the product along the clients natural hair, and that is helping it blend in. 



So if you have a problem with hair sticking out or I’m just having like a bunch of fly-away hair strands, then as you’re actually braiding, you can rub the product onto the clients, natural hair that is like connected in with the synthetic hair and even sometimes combing. 

It you’ll see me do this at the bottom will help their natural hair to blend in so here, you’ll kind of see me just comb the clients, natural hair, and that will help it to blend a little better with the synthetic hair and if that still doesn’t work then, you can just add a little bit of product to it. 

Another thing you want to be very aware of if you’re having problems with just hair sticking out from your braids, and this goes for feeding braids or even if you’re doing a box braid style. 

You want to make sure that the amount of synthetic hair that you’re putting in is proportionate to the amount of the clients, natural hair, and I feel like when I say it like that. It sounds very confusing, but basically um. 

If you have a lot of the clients’ natural hair and you’re only using a couple pieces of the synthetic hair – well, it’s not gonna be able to like it’s not gonna be able to cover all of their natural hair.

I’m not sure if that kind of makes sense, but sometimes you guys send me pictures and your box braid parts will be really big and the braid is like super skinny and their hair sticking out and this is usually a problem line and the same goes for the ends of your feet in braids. 

So you want to make sure that when you get to the bottom of your feet in braids, where it basically comes off the nape of the neck. 

You want to make sure that it could be a possibility that you need to still add in hay or that braid, so you want to make sure it’s not like super super skinny, where you have a lot of your clients, natural hair and barely any synthetic hair. 

So, as I get toward the end of the braid, you guys will kind of see me comb the hair more and begin to use that product to really blend her natural hair. 

In because once you start getting towards the back of the braid is when you really will start to get those flyaway strands, so you really want to like take your time with this and just make sure you’re really blending the client’s natural hair. 

With that synthetic hair, I’ve actually been criticized on a couple of my videos for using edge control to braid and using shine and jam to braid. People seem to think that it’s like a new thing. 

We’re like these new-age riders are using products and it’s not necessary, and there are some styles where I feel like it’s not necessary, but it’s my personal preference. It’s my choice to use the product and I feel like there are some styles where it can be done without, but I like to braid with products. 


I like the way that it looks. I, like the shine that it gives to the style, and this is a conditioning gel, so it’s not like it will be dry. My clients, hair out or you know, leaving any type of like crazy buildup. 

So I just kind of wanted to address that because I feel like people think that using a product is like such a horrible thing and it’s definitely not. I’ve actually seen some of the best breeders in the game using products. 

So you know people like to have their opinion on things and I’m just addressing it, because I wouldn’t even consider myself a new-age bride, I’m damn near 30, I’m 29 and I’ve been braiding since I was five years old, so yeah. 

Sometimes it’s frustrating just hearing other people’s opinions, but I just wanted to address it because using products is not a necessary thing, I’m just a personal preference for me. So yeah, I’m talking a lot so after this braid I’m actually gonna. 

Have you guys just watch me, do the second braid and just see those tips that I applied to that braid one last tip for you guys when you are getting to the end of the braid. You will see me tucking my clients, natural hair, underneath the synthetic hair. 

So, when you guys kind of see me pulling the hair around that’s what I’m doing and that will also help to prevent hair from flying out. So you want to make sure that you are keeping the client’s natural hair, underneath the synthetic hair, and you should be trying to do that anyway. 

Just to make it look a lot cleaner and it is a protective style. So you want their hair to be protected within the synthetic hair, and that is pretty much all the tips that I have for you guys. So I’m gonna go ahead and do the second braid I’m gonna. 

Let you guys watch this and then we will finish off alright. 


So here we are, we’re at the end. As always, I’m gonna go ahead and dip our clients hair in boiling hot water and basically, what this does is. 

It fills the braids and it takes that stiffness away from them, so they’re nice and flowing and moving, and you guys can see that all her natural hair is tucked in. I try not to pull too tight on the nape of the neck because with my straight hair clients – and they have told me that when it’s too tight on the nape of the neck, they get scabs. 

So I try to leave that part a little bit more loose on the nape of the neck. For my texture clients, I definitely pull all those kitchens in on that plan with a draw, but when I applied the switch right here, their hair follicles are weaker. 

So I try to be a little bit looser around the nape of the neck. That is a sensitive area, so yeah y’all she is poppin. She is a bomb makeup artist, as you guys can see. I’ll catch you guys next time.


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